After Marvel’s ‘The Avengers’ swept through theaters this past summer, DC Comics has been trying to expedite a Justice League movie, followed by solo films for it’s members, to the big screen. Things started to look up when a lawsuit over Superman was settled and a 2015 release date was unofficially set, but now it appears that there may be another roadblock for DC’s brave and bold assembly of heroes.

According to a report from the LA Times, a divide among studio executives may cause the development of DC’s film adaptations to slow down. The situation goes like this: A new executive position, Office of the President, was created by Time Warner Chairman Jeff Bewkes to promote “collegial competition” between Television Group President Bruce Rosenblum, Motion Pictures Group President Jeff Robinov, Home Entertainment Group President Kevin Tsujihara, and their respective departments. However, it’s actually created ‘distrust and disharmony’ within the company with little to no cross collaborations between departments.

The atmosphere is described as “being a kid wondering if your parents are about to break up” because of all the unrest around the lot. According to the report, each man is “always trying to look better than the other person. It can put a bit of a strain on the organization.” All this just so one of them can be placed in the newly created position by Bewkes, who could just as easily bring in someone from the outside to fill the role.

But where does this leave the DC Heroes and their live-action films?

“The turf skirmishes have slowed development of movies based on Warner-owned DC’s superheroes such as the Flash at a time when rival Marvel Entertainment is cranking out blockbusters like ‘The Avengers’. Uncertainty about who will run Warner Bros. has stymied the studio from renewing its important deal with finance and producing partner Legendary Pictures. The deal expires at the end of next year.”

This lack of leadership is definitely coming at a very bad time for DC and it’s fans that have been waiting to see a Justice League movie for many, many years.

How do you feel about the Office of the President situation over at Warner Bros. and the toll it’s taking on the Flash, Wonder Woman, and the whole gang? Share your thoughts in the comments below.