Previously on ‘Dexter,’ things got really heated with Dexter and Hannah, who winds up on his table to not end in the way Dexter was planning. Quinn takes money to save Nadia, destroying the evidence against Issak to keep the Koshka Brotherhood happy, and Angel decides he is going to buy a restaurant, preparing to retire from the Miami Metro Homicide.

What is ahead is a recap, so there are spoilers ahead!

Hannah discreetly grabs the knife and holds it to Dexter’s throat, asking if this is what he is into. Dexter tells her that he kills bad people and she asks if she is a bad person. The conversation tenses but winds up in another sexual encounter. Driving back, Dexter and Hannah both agree that this should not happen again. After Dexter drops off Hannah, he realizes Sal Price is watching him from his car at Hannah’s house. Dexter confronts him, asking him not to say anything to the police or about him being in the novel he’s working on. Sal tells him that his angle is perfect, not wanting to spoil that. Dexter offers Sal the final words of Wayne, which Sal says he will consider. Later, Sal confronts Hannah at the flower market, which he says he’ll keep Dexter out of it if she gives him a full interview. Sal then calls Dexter and accepts his offer. Meanwhile, Deb begins to feel affectionate towards Sal and accepts another drink invitation. While talking with him she decides that she is going to get Hannah’s husband’s body exhumed, getting permission from his sister.

Back at Miami Police Headquarters, Deb talks LaGuerta out of continuing their secret deeper investigation into the Bay Harbour Butcher. LaGuerta is still uncertain but Deb leaves confident that she has LaGuerta off of her brother’s back. Deb then goes to talk to Dexter about the blood report on the Wayne Randall victim that Sal had come up with. After Deb leaves in a huff, Angel comes to talk to Dexter about Issak, whose lawyer was coming in. They are interrupted by Misuka who tells him that the blood is missing. There is a meeting called where LaGuerta scolds the team for the loss of evidence. Misuka says there is a mole in Miami Metro to which Quinn chides him for watching too many spy movies. Angel agrees with him, though, which is why the lawyer wanted such an early discovery hearing. Deb sends them out to either find the evidence or discover new evidence.

At the crime scene, the Koshka Brotherhood has overflown the sewage system making it impossible for them to find evidence. Angel confronts Quinn about being in the evidence locker, but believes him when he says that he was there looking up evidence for a case he is going to trial for. Dexter calls Deb, who tells him that the evidence isn’t there either. She tells him of her fears of Issak being on the street which Dexter says he will take care of it. Deb stops him right there saying that she’s putting police on him. Meanwhile, Quinn goes to see Nadia, assuring her that she is safe, although making her fear what he has promised the Koshka’s. Issak is released from jail. He tells George he will not be leaving yet – he still has one more person to take care of.

Dexter researches Sal Price, looking to find a dark back-story. He looks at the flowers that Hannah had given him which Harry tells him that he should throw away. Dexter decides that Hannah needs to know what is going on and Harry tells him to pick up the phone. Back at the strip club, Quinn confronts George, who denies him Nadia’s passport. They threaten each other but George wins out by putting Nadia into play. Quinn leaves in a huff. The next day, Dexter goes to see Hannah to tell her about Sal. They talk about Harry’s Code and living by animal instincts. In the survival of the fittest, she is the fittest so far. Dexter tells Hannah that Sal doesn’t need to die but Hannah tells him she’s got this covered as well. She muses that they must be going for a record. After all, how many times can they say goodbye for good? Dexter walks away but pauses to think about how Hannah accepts both sides of him, unlike his previous lovers.

While Deb exhumes the body, Hannah’s husband’s sister watches. Upon opening the coffin it is discovered that the body wasn’t embalmed. The sister runs away crying at the thought of her brother’s crime not being solved and the fact that her brother wasn’t embalmed. Later, Deb goes and tells Sal what she found. She accepts a dinner offer from him, even suggesting that she might let him pay.

Later at Hannah’s place, Sal sits with her refusing her lemonade. They begin right away, going right into the murders in the motel. She tells him the story, breaking down and crying while Sal chews away at his pen. While Sal is there, Dexter breaks into Sal’s place stealing DNA and fingerprints. He also erases all evidence of Hannah off the hard drive of his computer.

Dexter is enjoying lunch when Issak approaches him. Issak begins to threaten him but Dexter gives him full graphic detail on what exactly happened to Viktor. Issak doesn’t like that very much and tells him that as soon as the police are off his tail that all bets are off. Dexter muses about the Roadrunner and Wile E. Coyote (Dexter being the Roadrunner in this scenario) telling Issak that he plans on killing him the same way as Viktor “give or take the fire extinguisher.”

That evening, Jamie is doing laundry over by Dexter’s place when Sal shows up. He starts things off right away saying that Dexter is an interesting guy. Dexter leads him in and puts him in his place –  exactly how Dexter knows how. Voices are raised but before anything gets too out of hand, Sal starts to convulse, hitting his head on the table on his way down. Jamie runs in the room and Dexter tells her to call 911 while he administers CPR. When the police arrive, they both give their testimonies (Jamie only heard raised voices not the actual conversation) while Deb muses that she can’t even get a drink with a guy anymore without him winding up dead. Dexter is surprised to find out that she went out for drinks with Sal.

The next day Hannah is called in for the  questioning of Sal’s death. Deb heats things up right away accusing her of the deaths of the woman in the motel room, her husband and her friend. Hannah gives her nothing, telling her a quote from her grandmother. She walks away unfazed by what has happened. Deb calls for toxic screenings on Sals body. She is disappointed when nothing turns up in the results. Dexter goes to confront Hannah about the killing, telling her that he had this under control. She tells him she figured it would have kicked in while he was driving not while in Dexter’s apartment. They then both realize that they were looking out for each other (which is big in their world.) Meanwhile, Deb listens to the tape of Hannah’s confession. She calls Dexter, who just finished another passionate moment with Hannah, to tell him to take care of it the way he knows how since she will skate by again. He looks at Hannah laying next to him as the episode ends.

So how do you feel about Dexter being in another relationship? This one marking as the only one who knows fully both sides of him? What do you think of Quinn and Nadia? Do you think Deb is accepting Dexter as he is completely? Would that jeopardize Dexter’s current happiness with Hannah? Let me know what you think in the comments below!

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