After a year without being able to read a Hellboy comics, I’ve been excited about the first 2 issues of his return to print. While there was a little bit of action in the first issue, the second was mainly giving us clues on where the comic has been going. We’ve been showing a very abandoned, empty, and dead Hell so far. Is the third issue more of the same? Do we get more details or action in this one?

Right after the introduction we find out just a bit more of what Hellboy’s birth caused. We find that Azzel, Hellboy’s father, was imprisoned for eternity. We find that Angels of Destruction were called down to stop Hellboy’s birth and they are what helped to destroy Hell’s capital, Pandemonium. We also find out most importantly that Hellboy has two living sons, an uncle, and a referenced though not seen on page sister.

Their uncle sets the two brothers against Hellboy. In every scene he clearly manipulating them to bring down our champion in a brawl that seems to be tearing them through layers of Hell. It’s always amazing how well Hellboy novels can look on page. You truly get the faded feel of being in the realm of the dead with the occasional vibrant color of Hellboy standing out from it all.

The stronger brother and the smarter brother both battle it out with Hellboy and to some extent each other. Whoever has Hellboy’s hand has the power to bring the dead armies to life and everyone wants that power. Everyone but Hellboy of course.

As the fight continues on one of the brothers starts to insult his father for choosing Hellboy over him. Their uncle appears to think that while this entire plan was a disaster and that no one shall speak ill of their father so he removed the brother’s head from his body! When the younger brother turns to take down his Uncle for this betrayal they are both eaten by a giant worm.

Yes out of nowhere (or from apparently the big emptiness just below the surface) a giant worm.

To quote Hellboy, “Holy crap. Didn’t see that coming.

I honestly didn’t see that coming though as we didn’t see either of these two die and the plot is taking place in Hell itself I wouldn’t be surprised to see them both back down the line. With no time to waste and only a few pages back a small demon comes up who long term readers may recognize as one who has helped Hellboy in the past.

He comes to Hellboy with blame. Blame for Pandemonium being a tomb. Blame for there no longer being a kingdom of Hell. Blame for killing Satan. With a few seconds of memory here it looks as if Hellboy may actually have killed Satan even though he denied he would ever do that in the previous issue. Has someone been using Hellboy for their own plans? We’ll find out next issue! (Actually we’ll probably just come up with even more questions.)

Writer: Mike Mignola
Artist: Mike Mignola
Colorist: Dave Stewart
Cover Artist: Mike Mignola