The wait is almost over. Call of Duty: Black Ops II is only a few days away, and projected sales numbers are already signalling record-breaking statistics. Being so close to release date, we though we already knew everything there was to know about the game, but as of yesterday, Activision has surprised fans with a huge announcement.

The company has partnered up with YouTube to allow players to stream their games LIVE on their personal YouTube channels. Gone are the days of dealing with complex computer programs and hardware, making streaming more accessible to those who may lack the technical know-how. Using the feature is as simple as linking your personal YouTube channel with your copy of Black Ops II, and then pressing a button. Players will also have the option of promoting their live stream through social media outlets such as Facebook and Twitter.

One of the biggest concerns, of course, is that YouTube will be constantly overloaded with people trying to stream their games, but Treyarch has made certain restrictions to the feature to remedy this situation. First, the ability to live stream games is only available during League Play, which acts as a separate entity from traditional public matches. Gamers who participate in League Play are required to compete in placement matches, which then sort players into one of several leagues based on skill-level. However, skill level here is judged by wins and losses, rather than kill-death ratio. There is sure to be a much smaller crowd taking part in League Play.

Second, live streams will only be activated when at least ten people are viewing the stream. This will ensure that there are hundreds of live streams going with only two or three viewers in each one. There are some who may be disappointed by this restriction, as they might like to share the experience with only a couple of friends, but Treyarch has a much bigger goal in mind. The company will be keeping an eye on the teams, players, and even shoutcasters in League Play through uploaded videos and live streams. Those who preform exceptionally may find themselves being promoted by Activision and Treyarch, and may receive other rewards.

Black Ops II is set to be a revolution for competitive gaming, turning matches into a spectator sport. The live streaming feature is available through the Xbox 360, PS3, and PC versions of the game, and we’re sure to see this feature become a standard for competitive multiplayer games.

Call of Duty: Black Ops II launches on November 13. To help pass the time until the release, check out their official launch trailer below.