Square Enix has announced that ‘Just Cause 3’ is currently in-development and will be released on to the PS4, Xbox One and Windows PC in 2015.

Officially announced via a Game Informer cover story, ‘Just Cause 3’ is the newest entry of the open-world action adventure series developed by Swedish developers Avalanche Studios. The game itself is being worked on at their New York office. The studio is primarily known for their work on previous entries in the series and the upcoming ‘Mad Max’ game also coming out in 2015.

‘Just Cause 3’ will star main series protagonist Rico Rodriguez several years after the ending of ‘Just Cause 2.’ The game itself will take place in the fictional Mediterranean archipelago of Medici, where he will be up against the evil General Di Ravello and his regime.

According to Game Informer, ‘Just Cause 3’ will feature a 400 square mile map with all three of its areas fully exportable from the beginning. Rico will have access to new gadgets like a wingsuit that he can use to propel himself into incredible speeds into the sky, and a grappling hook that can hook onto nearly any object in the world.

A week prior, early leaked screenshots indicated that the game was going to be using a free-to-play mode with micro-transactions. However, in a blog post made by the studio’s co-founder Sundberg, this has been declared false.

“To be perfectly clear: ‘Just Cause 3’ will be available in 2015 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Windows PC,” said Sundberg. “It will be distributed as a retail box and digital download. It is not a Free-To-Play game. It does not feature in-game micro transactions.”

‘Just Cause 3’ is a part of a series of open-world action games that saw its first entry released back in 2007 on PC, PS2 and Xbox. Its sequel soon followed three years  later on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360. The ‘Just Cause’ series is a generally well-received set of games primarily known for their over-the-top premises that have Rico singlehandedly overthrowing dictatorships ruling over fictional nations.

 ‘Just Cause 3’ will be launching on the PS4, Xbox One and Windows PC in 2015.

Source: GameSpot, Avalanche Studios Blog