Whether you call it the ‘Blood & Ice Cream’ or the ‘Cornetto’ trilogy, it’s coming to an end when Edgar Wright’s latest film ‘The World’s End’ starring Simon Pegg, Nick Frost, Rosamund Pike, Martin Freeman, and Eddie Marsan hits theaters. Currently, the film about reuniting friends who encounter the end of the world is shooting across the pond and plot details have surfaced thanks to Bleeding Cool and Twitter.

According to the report, actors Thomas Matthews and Courtney Cornfield have both made mentions of dancing and zombies on the set of ‘The World’s End’. Check out their tweets below describing their experience:

If these reports are true, Wright is certainly branching out for this film. Dancing zombies? Maybe that’s his way of paying homage to his earlier work ‘Shaun of the Dead’. If that’s the case, maybe there will be a reference to ‘Hot Fuzz’ somewhere in there too. Or maybe he just wanted to do a musical number. Sometimes directors just get the urge sometimes. See also: Kevin Smith’s ‘Clerks II.’

And speaking of music, Steven Price, the composer behind ‘Attack the Block’ and ‘Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World,’ will be collaborating with the director once again for this film. Though we may be skeptical about this off-beat musical number, at least we know the music will be good.

Regardless of why there’s a musical number with dancing zombies in the film, ‘The World’s End’ is still one of the most highly anticipated films of 2013. Be sure to mark your calendars to remind you that it opens in theaters on October 25th.