San Diego Comic Con is the Mecca of pop culture and it’s been steadily growing as each year passes. Due to the popularity of the event, there have been talks of moving the convention to another city in order to accommodate the large crowds that it attracts. During high volume Friday and Saturday, San Diego Comic-Con is known to have as much as 130,000 people! However, it looks as if SDCC will be staying put, at least until 2016.

According to The Los Angeles Times, the organizers of the Con have agreed to extend their contract with the city and it’s mayor, Jerry Sanders, to continue using their convention center for the crown jewel of the con season. Since 2010, larger California cities such as Los Angeles and Anaheim have been trying to lure the event away from San Diego because of their larger convention centers, but part of what makes Comic-Con is the city it takes place in. The event has been emanating from these hallowed halls since 1991, so if it ever did move to one of those other locations, it would be an entirely whole different con.

It’s unclear what the plan will be after this current contract expires, but sources say that San Diego city officials have approved a $520-million expansion of the convention center to keep huge events like San Diego Comic-Con in their fair city. Have you been to SDCC? Let us know if you think it should stay in San Diego or try a different location in the comment section below. (Our vote is to stay!)