At the finale to ‘The Flash’ #12, the Rogues had defeated the scarlet speedster. Their victory, however, was short lived. Just in the middle of the gloating over the Flash, the city was bombarded by an onslaught of pods each containing… a flesh eating talking gorilla! Grodd had arrived!

This issue opens with a flashback to two years ago where Barry is chatting with Darryl. This sets the stage for the coming story with the message “we all have a part to play”. Cut back to modern times where Grodd’s army is smashing through downtown Central City. Grodd has commanded the gorilla soldiers to bring the Flash to him alive. That mission puts the Rogues right in the path of the marauding gorillas.

Since they can’t defeat the gorillas on their own, the Rogues turn to the one person that they think might can stop them. They revive the Flash using Weather Wizards rod to give the hero an electric jolt. Now up and moving, the Flash speeds into action and tries to take out as many gorillas as possible. Just as the Flash seems to be turning the tide, more gorilla pods arrive and it’s clear that this isn’t going to end well for Central City unless the Flash turns himself over to Grodd. But, when the Flash runs into Grodd, it seems that the flesh-eating monster might be more than he can handle!

‘The Flash’, while not the best New 52 book on the stands, is definitely one of the most consistent. Each and every month, writers Manapul and Buccellato deliver some great superhero stories full of drama, humor, and action. This issue is no exception. The plight of the Flash (and the Rogues) as they try to defend the city against the invading ape army is wonderful. There are some great shock moments (including that final splash page with Grodd). I won’t spoil it but the scene with the Trickster attempting to make a deal with King Grodd. If that doesn’t catch you off guard, nothing will.

What makes ‘The Flash’ even more of a wonderful title is Manapul’s pencils. They take what is a good (but not great) story and push it into the realm of real art. Each and every panel of ‘The Flash’ is stunning. On the issues where the title rises above, ‘The Flash’ can easily hit some 4.5 scores. This issue, on the other hand, is just one of those solid good stories and it scores…

Final Score:


Written by Francis Manapul and Brian Buccellato
Art and Cover by Francis Manapul