Philadelphia is my hometown and whenever I get to spotlight something awesome that came out of Philly, I take that chance. While I was at New York Comic Con, we came across Josh O’Neill, Andrew Carl, and Jimmy Comey, the owners of Locust Moon, a comic book store in the University City section of the city, in Artist Alley. Not only are they in the business of selling comics, but they create them as well.

Recently, Dark Horse picked up their graphic novel called ‘Once Upon A Time Machine’ and after working on it for the better part of three years, it was released in comic book stores everywhere last week. The idea behind the book is that a whole mess of writers and artists have come together to compile a series of fairytales that have been reimagined with a more sci-fi elements like space, aliens, robots, and all that jazz.

I was able to read the book and I enjoyed it very much. I loved each take on these classic stories. One that stands out to me right now is their version of ‘Goldilocks & the Three Bears’ written by Lee Nordling and illustrated by Scott Roberts, which is called ‘Silver-Hair & the Three Xairs’. The artwork was fun and playful, and their twist on the tale was funny and added a whole new level to the original story’s original message.

‘Once Upon A Time Machine’ certainly came around at the right time seeing as reimaginings of fairytales such as ‘Grimm’, ‘Once Upon A Time’, and the upcoming ‘Maleficent’ are very popular right now. Though it’s only been out for a week, fans are already showing how much they like this book because it sold out at both Artist Alley and at the Dark Horse booth at NYCC.

My Pretentious Film Major colleague Tom Caswell had the opportunity to chat with the guys briefly at the con. You can check out the video below:

If you’re tired of your same old fairytales and aren’t exactly ready to introduce your kids to the Zenescope versions just yet, then ‘Once Upon A Time Machine’ is right up your alley, no matter how old you are.