CW seems to have a hit with their new show ‘Arrow,’ and although it’s been announced that other DC characters (like Deadshot, Firefly and the Huntress) will be making a presence in the series, many fans are wondering if the big names from the Justice League team  will make an appearance.

One of the problems that Marc Guggenheim, Andrew Kriesberg and Greg Berlanti (the executive producers of ‘Arrow’) have with introducing the A list superheroes is the question as to where these characters would fit in a more realistic world. According to Guggenheim,  “We’re imagining a DC universe without super-powered characters but that doesn’t mean that in our parallel universe that there isn’t a Metropolis or a Gotham City. “ Kreisberg,  added, ”We’re open to anything and everything; I’m not entirely sure you’ll be seeing characters like Superman, Batman, Green Lantern and Wonder Woman because they’re much more fantastical and right now we’re focusing on Oliver Queen as being the only hero.”

But that doesn’t mean they will be entirely be neglected. “When we bring characters from the DC universe into the show, we’re careful about doing it right and having a reason to and not just doing it to say because we can bring in a specific character,” Berlanti says. “As time goes on, hopefully we’ll do some of the biggies.”

But in the meantime, the producers do plan on incorporating bringing a lot of other DC Comics characters in the mix, “DC has been incredibly supportive and so open with us playing in their sandbox that we really do have a lot of access to some of their great characters,” said Kreisberg, “That being said, we’re looking forward to bringing on other DC Comics characters and characters that people have never really seen before or lesser-known characters. That’s what’s been fun for us; Superman will always get his due.”

Diehard comic book fans should be happy to hear this as the producers, who are themselves big fans of comic books, have made sure there are a lot of Easter eggs throughout the series.

“We’ve got a lot of different characters and then there are characters you may not recognize unless you’re a diehard comic book fan… If you’re a big fan of the DC Comics universe, you’ll see a lot of familiar names and places: Big Belly Burger, which is a hamburger chain from the Superman comic books makes a regular appearance on our show and we have a Big Belly Burger franchise as one of our standing sets… There are references to places like Corto Maltese (a wartorn island) and Markovia. I would listen and watch carefully if you’re a comic book fan because some of the references are really subtle and will go past a lot of people.”

Other hidden gems in the series are the nods to comic creators and artists such as the name of Oliver’s bodyguard, John Diggle, named after Andy Diggle who wrote ‘Green Arrow: Year One’ which what the series is based on and Mike Grell who was referenced by a character named Judge Grell (side note: Grell drew the police sketch that is shown to Oliver of the hooded vigilante in the first episode).

As for the star of the series, Stephen Amell, who would he like to see on the show?  “I want to see General Zod, or at the very least Terrence Stamp in some way shape or form,” he revealed, “People have speculated that maybe Hal Jordan would show up in Starling City before he gets the ring. There are a ton of people that we could see.”

So even though the Justice League may not appear on ‘Arrow’ (although there have been rumors of possibly Wonder Woman coming on), which DC character do you hope to see on the show? Comment below with your thoughts.

‘Arrow’ airs on the CW network on Wednesdays at 8PM.


Source: Blastr