After introducing the cast of Team 7 in last month’s issue #0, the team embarks on its first mission. (For those that missed the zero issue, this issue does a fine job of catching you up to speed on who each character is.) Their target is a giant floating prison in the clouds (similar to the Helicarrier in the Marvel Universe) that’s gone offline. The characters are suitably stunned that such a thing exists as they approach. Their aircraft is attacked by the defense systems, so the heroes have to (yikes) jump out onto the top of the structure. (One or more of them may not land with precision.) We get some bickering, since every military unit in comics or any other medium HAS to be a rag tag group of opinionated, hot headed misfits. We also get a running commentary by the group’s director John Lynch, further fleshing out the characters and their roles.

Once the group is inside, the place looks like the scene of a zombie outbreak. They manage to find one survivor, but things aren’t what they seem. They suddenly find themselves facing a swarm of ancient evil, which should be all-too-familiar to longtime DC readers.

Well, two issues and… I’m out. Sorry. I gave it a shot. It’s just stereotype on top of stereotype. The characters all hate one another. There’s the cocky jokester (Alex Fairchild), the grizzled, hard core veteran (Deathstroke), the crazy one (Grifter), the compasionate black woman (Waller), etc. I’ve seen it all before.

The plot and dialogue aren’t awful by any means, but… how exactly are they standing on top of this structure in the stratosphere not wearing oxygen masks or any type of protective clothing? See, you have to think about these kinds of things. It’s not just a skyscraper. This this thing is clearly shown with clouds beneath it.

The art isn’t my style, but it suits the book. It’s that same 90s retro Image comics thing that’s been popping up all over the New 52. Here, it actually fits, so while it isn’t my cup of tea, I’m not going to criticize it.

This book was not awful. It’s just kind of pop corn, no-brainer, macho military action, done just the way it’s always done. I prefer stuff a bit more unique.

Final Score:


TEAM 7 #1
Written by Justin Jordan
Art Breakdowns by Ron Frenz
Pencils by Jesus Merino
Cover by Doug Mahnke with Blond