In less than 2 weeks the Season 3 premiere of ‘The Walking Dead’ will begin for all to see (except if you’re a DISH subscriber).  As the days get closer, AMC has been releasing promo material in order to make sure fans don’t miss the first episode.  Whether it’s stills from the new season, the introduction of a new web-series, or the release TV spots, AMC has been building the excitement for this event. And now comes the newest trailer for the series!

The trailer teases everything we’ve heard so far and have been promised by show creator Robert Kirkman. The tension builds as Rick and the other survivors fight to take control of a prison overrun by zombies while having to deal with other another kind of horror: the Governor and the people of Woodbury. We also get to see a very pregnant Lori and newcomer Michonne.

The more I see of Season 3, the more excited I am of its premiere. Unfortunately, the 16 episode season will be split into 2 with the first 8 episodes beginning on October 14th and the final 8 returning sometime in February 2013.

Regardless, this season has definitely upped the bar for the series that is already the highest rated show for AMC. And if DISH is your satellite provider, you can still watch the premiere at the same time everyone else is as AMC is offering a free live stream of the episode.

Check out the newest trailer for ‘The Walking Dead’ below courtesy of TV Guide:

‘The Walking Dead’ Trailer – ‘Last Man Standing:’

‘The Walking Dead’ Season 3 premiere will begin Sunday, October 14, at 10PM on AMC (or on a computer near you).