In this issue of ‘Gambit’, our hero ventures to Guatemala City alongside the woman he met at Borya Cich’s party in an attempt to get the relic removed from his abdomen. Since she’s looking to unlock the powers the pain in Remy’s side possesses, she leads him to the location of it’s twin as dictated by the map that the dup stole from the museum in issue 2.

If there was one word that I’d use to describe this issue, it would be meh. There was nothing special about this issue and to be perfectly honest, I’m very close to dropping this book from my pull list. The Lara Croft looking companion of Gambit’s whose name that I don’t know is a boring character. They’re trying to shroud her in mystery, but she’s coming off as another stock character from the storyteller’s handbook.

And the story itself is just dragging. I think this story would have benefitted from condensing things a bit. Issue one & two could’ve been one book to speed up the pace a little. I almost feel like at this rate Gambit won’t be rid of the pain in his side (the relic and the girl) for another five issues. While I’m all in favor of Gambit’s series having a nice, long run, it would be absolutely painful for it to continue at this speed.

The only saving grace was the final page. If I learned anything from ‘Game of Thrones’, once giant winged creatures appear, things are about to go down. I’m willing to give this series one more shot before dropping it because it’s really making me bored of one of my favorite Marvel heroes of all time.

At least the covers look cool.

Final Score:




Written by JAMES ASMUS