After months of litigation, the saga of ‘The Walking Dead’ lawsuits has come to a conclusion and an agreement settlement.

Last February, Tony Moore sued Robert Kirkman in the California state court claiming he is entitled to up to 50% of the proceeds from ‘The Walking Dead’ comic book franchise as well as the hit AMC series. In the lawsuit, he claimed that he grew up with Kirkman and had worked on ‘The Walking Dead’ comics as well as other projects. He also alleged that Kirkman and his agents had intentionally deceived him to sign over his rights to Kirkman as not doing so would jeopardize a “large television deal” and no one would receive any money unless he signed the agreement. In return, Moore states the deal granted him 60% of the net comic publishing proceeds, 20% of motion picture proceeds and other financial interest in other projects.

Kirkman responded in turn and in March filed a countersuit alleging that he had overcompensated Moore for his work (particularly since Moore only worked on the first six issues of the comic series and was credited as “penciler, inker grey tones” before he left to work on his own comics) and was entitled to a reimbursement. Kirkman also sued for damages as Moore allegedly breached the confidentiality clause of the disputed agreement.

The lawsuit was then moved to the Federal Courts when Moore added a new claim seeking a declaration that he was the co-owner of the ‘Walking Dead’ copyright.

Throughout all this, heated words were exchanged by both parties with Moore stating that “Kirkman is a proud liar and fraudster who freely admits that he has no qualms about misrepresenting material facts in order to consummate business transactions.” While Kirkman’s lawyers responded saying, “The lawsuit is ridiculous, we each had legal representation seven years ago and now he is violating the same contract he initiated and approved and he wants to misrepresent the fees he was paid and continues to be paid for the work he was hired to do.”

Months later, both sides have now worked through their issues and have come to some form of agreement. In a statement to THR, reps from both parties announced:

“Robert Kirkman and Tony Moore are pleased to jointly announce that they have reached an amicable agreement in their respective lawsuits and all parties have settled the entire matter to everyone’s mutual satisfaction. Neither side will be discussing any details but will instead happily and productively spend their time focused on their own work and move on in their lives.”

Notice of the settlement was filed on Monday in the California Federal Court.

Nothing more was given and no doubt there is a confidentiality clause with both parties regarding the non-discussion of the settlement but at least none of this has affected the production and release of both the comic series and television show. Season 3 of ‘The Walking Dead’ will premiere on AMC on October 14th.