The Fall Television season is just around the corner and many shows are already rolling out the clips and previews in order to get the buzz rolling. One of the new shows that will premiere and has already received some good reviews is ‘666 Park Avenue.’ ABC is hoping to create more interest in the show by releasing these photos as an introduction to the cast.

Along with the photos, I’ve added a  short bio of each character to let you know who’s who when the show starts airing on Sunday, September 30th at 10PM ET/PT.

This is one of the new series on the top my list along with ‘Arrow’ and ‘Revolution’ as a must see genre show for the season.

How about you? Will you be watching ‘666 Park Avenue?’


What would you do to have everything you desire? Step inside 666 Park Avenue, New York’s most seductive address. We all have some burning needs, desires and ambitions. For the residents of The Drake, the premier apartment building on Manhattan’s Upper East Side, these will all be met – for a price – courtesy of the building’s mysterious owner, Gavin Doran (Terry O’Quinn). But be careful what you wish for, because the price you have to pay is your soul. ABC’s wickedly sensual, sexy and spine-tingling new drama about fulfilling our deepest desires, 666 Park Avenue.

When Jane Van Veen (Rachael Taylor) and Henry Martin (Dave Annable), an idealistic young couple from the Midwest, arrive in New York City, the glamorous center of industry and media, they are offered the opportunity to manage the historic Drake. Jane, a small town girl with big ambitions, always knew she wanted to be an architect. Henry, a member of the Mayor’s staff, is grounded, intelligent and tenacious. They are lured by the intoxicating lifestyle of New York’s wealthy elite.

Gavin, who has many skeletons in his own closet, is at the height of his world and commands the dark power of The Drake. Olivia (Vanessa Williams), his beautiful but enigmatic, supportive wife, wears her elegance, wealth and position in society as armor… but cracks will slowly be revealed.

Jane and Henry not only fall prey to the machinations of Gavin and Olivia, but unwittingly live in the dark embrace of the building’s supernatural forces which endanger the lives of its residents. These include Brian Leonard (Robert Buckley), a young playwright pining for his early success and promise. Brian’s wife, Louise (Mercedes Masöhn), is a rising hot star in the world of fashion photography. Alexis Blume (Helena Mattsson) is a troubled young woman who is the picture of obsession — what is her real connection to Gavin, and what part will she play in Brian and Louise’s life? Tony DeMeo (Erik Palladino), The Drake’s doorman, is the eyes and ears of the building. And then there is 14-year-old Nona Clark (Samantha Logan), who has a blossoming psychic ability, allowing her to look into the future of her fellow Drake occupants.

‘666 Park Avenue’ Cast:

Gavin Doran is the Gordon Gekko of New York real estate. For years, Gavin has owned The Drake and many of the souls that have passed within its walls. Along with the splendor of the building itself, Gavin promises his tenants’ deepest desires come true – but at a cost greater than Upper East Side rent. Gavin can be your best ally, but if you don’t pay on time and find yourself on his bad side, you’ll discover the cost of living at The Drake is all too high.


Olivia Doran is the queen of the Upper East Side. Whether hosting a charity event or bidding on art at an auction, Olivia is the epitome of style and grace, the face of this power couple. And she’s taken a liking to Jane, which comes with obvious perks. But while Olivia always maintains the appearance of sophistication, don’t be fooled, she can be just as ruthless as Gavin.


Henry Martin, since moving to The Drake with his girlfriend Jane Van Veen, has proven himself a rising star in New York politics. Gavin and his wife Olivia have welcomed Henry and Jane as resident managers of The Drake and offered them access to all the glamour that comes with the address. From racquetball at the club to limousine escorts to parties at Gracie Mansion, Henry finds himself getting comfortable at the top … but is there something more behind the Dorans’ generosity?


Jane Van Veen and her boyfriend Henry Martin are among the newest residents of The Drake. It was Jane’s interest in architecture that convinced Gavin Doran to give them the resident manager position – and the luxury apartment that comes with the job. When she’s not researching The Drake history or befriending her new neighbors, Jane finds herself whisked away to high-end boutiques and cocktail parties care of her new boss Olivia Doran. But as Jane settles into building, the building itself begins to unsettle her…


Brian Leonard is a successful playwright living at The Drake with his wife Louise. Plagued by writer’s block, Brian stumbles upon unexpected inspiration in the sexy and flirtatious woman living in the building across the way. With a front row seat, Brian struggles not to stare. But he soon finds staring isn’t necessary – his vixen of a neighbor shows up at his apartment, hired as his wife’s new assistant! Brian tries to throw himself into his writing, but continues to grapple with temptation, which is now closer than ever.


Louise Leonard is a fashion photographer living with her playwright husband Brian in the historic Drake. Just as she’s catching a big break in her career, Louise has a mysterious accident in building’s elevator that puts her in the hospital. When she returns home to recuperate, Louise discovers that her history of addiction makes the road to recovery a rocky one.


Alexis Blume, the seductive siren living across the way from Brian and Louise Leonard, provides Brian with a welcome distraction from his writing. But what begins as an innocent flirtation escalates when Louise hires Alexis as her assistant and Brian is forced to face temptation right in his own home.


Nona Clark is an independent 14-year-old who has grown up at The Drake. She knows the ins and outs of the building and its residents. So when Jane begins researching the building in anticipation of its renovation, the two forge an unexpected friendship. Nona also possesses a mysterious psychic ability, but what she sees isn’t always a bright future.