Four months ago, shortly after ‘The Avengers’ became a hit, everyone immediately hoped that Joss Whedon would return to do the sequel. However, Whedon had his doubts and was uncertain about staying involved with Marvel’s super team. Of course, ultimately he signed on to write and direct ‘The Avengers 2’, as well as to oversee the general development of Phase Two and to put together Marvel’s live action television series ‘S.H.I.E.L.D.’. Now, the director has revealed in a recent interview why exactly he agreed to enter into a creative relationship with Marvel Studios.

According to Geek Tyrant, here’s what Whedon had to say about returning to the Marvel Cinematic Universe:

“There’s a business aspect to it and I would be disingenuous not to say that, but the question for me is, ‘Do I have another story to tell about these people?’ So we worked on the business side of it and I didn’t think it was going to happen–I was like ‘I’m never going to do this again.’ But once they worked on the business aspect of it I thought that seems fair and cool, so, the question was, ‘Do I have another thing to say?’ I was in London and I went to a pub and had some fish and chips and a pint and started writing in my notebook. I’m writing if I was going to do this what would I say and 40 minutes later I filled the notebook. So I text my agent and said to make the deal. I’m so in love with that universe and the characters and [the] way they were played and I have so much more I want to do with them. I know I can’t match the success of the first one but I can try to make a better film and that’s what I’m excited about, that’s the new room of fear I’m entering now.”

Can you imagine what that notebook contains? What I would give to get a peek at some of that… And so what if the next Avengers movie doesn’t match the success of the first one? With Joss Whedon involved, I’m sure that I’ll still be a hit with a great story filled with amazing characters.