In just 2 weeks the fifth and final season of ‘Fringe’ begins and the big question is ‘What happened to Olivia?’

It’s no secret that the series will take place in 2036 where the Observers have taken over the world and the Fringe team had been ambered for the past 20 years. In previous trailers we’ve seen the team ready to be part of the Resistance but there’s one person who has been conspicuously missing this whole time. The question of where Olivia has been can finally be answered in these photos released by FOX from the first episode called ‘Transilience Thought Unifier Model-11’.

While many fans may want to hope for a happy family reunion (with now grown daughter Etta on the scene), showrunner Joel Wyman recently revealed that not all reunions are joyful. “They had their daughter taken from them [by Observers]. And most couples, when they lose a child… don’t make it through that,” he teased, “So what happened to Peter and Olivia before the ambering?” Apparently their issues will still need to be addressed.

If there was any doubt that the Observers weren’t in complete control of the world, the latest video below showing the bald headed ones recommendations for travel protocol for “natives” travelling outside their “living quadrants” should give an indication that the Fringe team is needed like never before!

With only 13 episodes this season, the countdown to saving humanity’s future begins on Friday, September 28th when ‘Fringe’ return to FOX.

‘Fringe: Transilience Thought Unifier Model-11’ Photos:

‘Fringe’ – Travel Protocol Featurette:

Source: TV Line