Over the course of my time in Baltimore, I had the privilege of speaking to some of the biggest names in comics today. In this next interview, I had the pleasure of speaking with a true veteran of the game who’s still going strong today. This is my interview with Walter Simonson.

During our conversation, I inquired about Walt’s involvement in Marvel NOW!, his work with Red Hulk and the classic green Hulk, his thoughts on the new Thor book, and whether or not we’ll be seeing his creation of Beta Ray Bill pop up again in the near future.

In my research to prepare for this interview, I discovered that Walt had done some work on the Doctor Who comic back when Marvel was printing them, so I asked him about his feelings on the Doctor. Although he ended up not being a Whovian, he did express his enjoyment in drawing Tom Baker as the Doctor and his iconic scarf.

And as a special treat just for us, Walt showed off some of his upcoming work, like his Hulk variant cover and his soon to be re-released graphic novel version of ‘Alien’.

Go ahead and press play on the video below to check out my full interview with Walter Simonson, courtesy of The Pretentious Film Majors exclusively for ScienceFiction.com: