October is just around the corner and that means ‘The Walking Dead’ will be returning to the small screen. To get the fans excited about its return, AMC has released two new teasers to enjoy!

The teasers are just that… teasers. While only 10 seconds in length, they still give a chilling example of what Season 3 has in store.

The first one is of Rick (Andrew Lincoln) as he moves towards a door to see what’s behind it. Of course, since this is a teaser, we don’t actually see what he sees but it does ramp up the suspense value! Executive producer Robert Kirkman has said that Rick’s journey this season will be an emotional one. “… (it’s) going to be a lot more drastic than it’s been, “ he told TV Line, “You’re going to see him really be put through his paces.” So much so, he adds, that Rick will come out of this season a “changed character.”

The second teaser has zombies surround the gates and trying to get into the prison. In a voice over, Hershel comments, “Christ promised a resurrection of the dead … I just thought he had something different in mind.”

Check out both teasers below and let me know how excited you are for the return of ‘The Walking Dead!”

‘The Walking Dead’ – Season 3 Exclusive Sneak Peak:

‘The Walking Dead’ – Ressurection Teaser:

‘The Walking Dead’ returns to AMC on Sunday, October 14, at 9PM ET/PT for 8 episodes before going on hiatus and returns for the season’s final 8 episodes in February, 2013.


Source: TVLine and THR