This issue flashes back a couple of days, shedding light on the Joes’ mission in the Baltic Sea, where Deep Six locates some sunken Nazi missiles beneath the waves.  This cuts back to the present, when Scarlett and Flint have been captured by Cobra.  (See last issue.)  They are taunted by Cobra’s newest recruit, Abbey Chase, secretly an operative of Danger Girl.  Chase, with The Baroness and Major Bludd, take  the captured Joes to Cobra’s hidden mountain base.  Chase flirts with Detro, rankling The Baroness.  Destro explains Cobra’s plans to update and employ the missiles which are unlike anything he has ever seen.

Back on the USS Flagg, Lady Jaye, Covergirl and Jinx storm in on Duke and the President of the United States who last issue decommissioned GI Joe, leaving Scarlett and Flint to fend for themselves.  Luckily, a chance meeting gives Covergirl an idea and she calls in outside operatives… you guessed it, Danger Girl.  Sydney Savage and gang almost immediately uncover a deep conspiracy and another fan-favorite classic Joe character emerges.

This comic is pretty shallow and simple, yet pretty and oozes nostalgia, with its cartoon-accurate depictions of the G.I. Joe characters.  It’s not gripping or clever, yet it’s colorful and fun.  I’m a fan of John Royle’s artwork which if I didn’t know better, would have assumed was by Danger Girl-creator J. Scott Campbell.  It’s slightly extreme in its sexuality, but it’s just cute enough to make it cheesecake, not sleazy.

I love that classic Joes are inserted where they logically fit, like using Deep Six in the underwater scene and making sure that Shipwreck was present on the deck of the USS Flagg.  My favorite Joes were always the ladies, especially, for some reason Covergirl, so the fact that they are center stage in this story is definitely a bonus.

Just loud, colorful fun!


Written by Andy Hartnell
Art by John Royle
Cover by J. Scott Campbell