The Cypress sisters recover from their near-death encounter with one of the Revivers – people who have come back from the dead. (See last issue.) Younger sister Martha revealed to her sister Dana that she was, in fact, a Reviver herself. She was murdered, but she doesn’t know by whom. Dana’s father Wayne, the town’s sheriff, takes her off the RCAT (Revitalized Citizen Arbitration Team) after learning that she took her younger sister to a crime scene and that she was part of the altercation.

Martha saved her sister by killing Arlene Dittman, another Reviver with a scythe. But while autopsying her (again), she comes back to life! Of course, Mrs. Dittman was more zombie than Martha when she was… alive-ish. Wayne expresses his concern for Martha and insists that she stay with him, rather than returning to school. She agrees, but later sneaks out. I won’t spoil what comes next, but clearly she really needs to feel alive.

Dana also goes out to drown her misery and winds up in an uncomfortable situation.

The biggest development this issue is the introduction of Blaine Abel, a exorcist who is tasked with rescuing a teenage girl living in a trailer with her parents, who appears to have been possessed by the devil. Appears to.

There is also a brief interlude that may tie into the aliens (if that’s what they are) in the last issue.

This issue retains the quirkiness of the last, but loses some of the atmospheric moodiness. A lot happens, so it’s hard to complain, but the first issue was slow and quiet, which I enjoyed. But then again, this issue is nicely broken up with lots of informative beats. The art is attractive and works extremely well.

I’d like a bit more attention paid to the environment and moodiness from the first issue, but this story is certainly entertaining and unique.

Final Score:


Written by Tim Seely
Art by Mike Norton
Cover by Craig Thompson