Welcome Grimmsters to the second season of ‘Grimm’! If you missed last season’s finale of the series, then you may want to head over and read the recap of ‘The Woman in Black’ as the Season 2 premiere of the show picks up exactly where we left off!

Last night’s episode starts off with a line from ‘The Second Coming, a poem written by Yeats about the Apocalypse and the end of the world. Could this be a foretelling of what the Royal Families have in store for our heroic Grimm this season?

“The blood-dimmed tide is loosed, and everywhere the ceremony of innocence is drowned…”


A security guard heads to inspect the cargo containers. He sees blood leaking outside one of the containers and hears a thumping inside one of the containers. Inside the walls are covered with writings that were made in blood and pieces of corpses are strewn all over inside. They hear a low pitch growl above them and as they shine the light on it, a creature lunges at them and savagely attacks. The Wesen, identified as a Mauvais Dentes reverts to human form and escapes.

Back at Nick’s home the events from the season finale are replayed as Nick fights with Kimura and the woman in black is revealed to be Nick’s mom long thought dead.

Nick watches in astonishment as his mother goes and examines Kimura to verify he was sent by the Dragon’s Tongue, a secret organization. His mother realizes that her son is a Grimm but can’t get into too many details as she disappears when Sgt. Wu and Captain Renard arrive.

Nick’s mom steps out of the shadows and tells Nick that she needs to talk to Kimura because he’s the last one alive that knows who betrayed the Grimms so many years ago. Nick tells her that would be difficult as he is now in police custody. She explains to Nick that although she is alive, his father is truly dead and the woman who the police thought was her was really her friend, Gina. She sent them away hoping they would escape but the “people” after her caught up to them and caused the accident. They thought Gina was her and beheaded the woman to prove they killed a Grimm and burnt the bodies beyond recognition. She admitted that Aunt Marie knew the truth all along. She tries to explain it was safer for Nick to think she was dead.

Just then Monroe and Rosalee come to see Nick. Something doesn’t smell right and they both change into Wesens. As Monroe turns, Kelly (Nick’s mom) attacks him. Nick manages to get her off Monroe as the two Wesens change back to human form. Kelly can’t believe Nick is friends with Wesens and they can’t believe Nick’s mom is alive. Regardless, Rosalee explains to Nick that Juliette is in real danger. The spell that she is under causes memory loss and symptoms similar to dementia and they need to stop the progression as soon as they can.

Kelly sees a broken photo of Nick and Juliette. She asks questions but Nick as some of his own. She tells him for the past 18 years she has been following the ones who had killed his father. As time went on, she realized she was in deeper than she thought.

When she learned the Dragon’s Tongue were after the coins, she knew that the Royal Families were involved and were trying to regain the control that they once had. A lot of the turmoil in the world was because of the Royal Families’ agents. She found out that he had the coins and tells him to give them to her so they could be destroyed.

Renard heads to Catherine’s home, Adelind’s mother. He demands to know where Adelind is as she was the one responsible for putting Juliette in a coma. He’s upset because if she dies then Nick may leave Portland and ruin all his plans. He leaves warning Catherine that if anything happens to Juliette, he will hold her personally responsible.

Nick gets a call to investigate a murder at the docks and meets Hank, who spends his nights barricaded in his apartment refusing to sleep because of the Wesens he’s seen. Wu gives them the rundown of the bloody carnage crime scene. On the wall, Nick sees a Reaper’s scythe drawn in blood.

Nick decides to take his mom to Aunt Marie’s trailer. She gives a quick Grimm family history telling him that not everyone is a Grimm and that nobody knows when the Grimm powers will hit them or if they even have it. One thing is for certain, the Grimm ability is inherited.

As she goes through the trailer, she reminisces about the family’s history. Nick takes the coins out of their hiding place and gives it to his mom. She tells him that they need to be taken to the Greek islands where they were forged to make sure they are destroyed.

Before she has to leave, Nick asks his mom for help on the shipyard case. Kelly is surprised that Nick has already encountered a Reaper and realizes he was the one that sent the Reapers’ heads to Mannheim. She tells him that they may be dealing with a Mauvais Dentes and tells him to put the coins away as she needs to see the bodies. At the morgue, Kelly confirms that it is a Mauvais Dentes that attacked the bodies and warns Nick that they are very deadly.

Nick gets a call from Monroe who tells him that Rosalee got an ingredient list from a Hexenbiest (Adelind’s mom) that listed the same ingredients they were using to get Juliette out of her coma. They realize that she is working on the same potion they were. Nick decides to track her down.

Catherine calls Renard and tells him that Adelind is gone but there is a way to wake Juliette up. Only problem is that someone specific has to administer it.  Just then, Nick comes into Catherine’s home and demands to know where her daughter is. He tells her to find Adelind or things will not bode well for her.

Back at the trailer, Nick shows Kelly about the key that Aunt Marie gave him. She opens a hidden compartment that reveals a page from one of the first diaries kept by the Grimms. Legend has it that there are seven keys, forged by the knights who fought for the Seven Royal Families in the crusades. The keys represent part of a map that, when put together, shows the location where the knights hid the treasures they took from invading Constantinople. Those knights are their ancestors. At one time the Wesens fought for the Royal Families and the Royal Families use the Grimms to keep them under control. But there was one powerful relic that the knights hid that if the Royal Families got a hold of, it would allow them to rule the world. The relic was so dangerous that the map was cut into 7 pieces and given to the knights via a key. Unfortunately, no one knows what that relic is.

Kelly warns Nick that the Royal Family knows that he has a key and that’s why a Mauvais Dentes was sent to kill him. They need to get to Kimura to find out who told the families that Nick has a key.  Unfortunately, someone poisoned Kimura’s food while he was in prison and he is killed.

When Nick sees that Kimura is dead, he rushes and tells his mom. FBI Agent Kanigher calls Nick and tells him that if he doesn’t come to the lumber mill, she will be killed. They know it’s a trap. Mom and son split up and go after the Mauvais Dentes. A trail of blood leads to the dead bodies.

Just then, Monroe calls and tells him that the potion is ready but only good for 45 minutes. He tells him that he’s on his way.

Nick senses something is not right. As he turns his back on the corpses, the Mauvais Dentes who was playing possum get up and goes to strike Nick….

To be continued…..

This was a great episode as it answered a lot of questions about what the Royal Families were after and a little more of the Grimm history. The season 2 premiere made up for the tame season finale by drawing the viewers more into the Grimm world which was lacking in the first season. Monroe, as always, provided the right amount of comic relief with lines like “Dude, gotta be honest, your mother scares the crap outta me!” and “Family reunions can be brutal! At our last one we lost two cousins and a sheep dog! No one missed the cousins…”

Stay tuned next week as we see if the group gets to Juliette in time and how much deeper does the intrigue for the Royal Families and their quest for power go.