NBC is developing a new “high-concept’ super-villain series from Universal TV and Film 44, the Peter Berg/Sarah Aubrey production company, called ‘Hench.’ Although it has the same name, Deadline is reporting that it’s not the same Adam Beechen and Manny Bello project based on their graphic novel that’s been in development limbo for the past three years.

The pilot was written by Alexandra Cunningham (‘Prime Suspect,’ ‘Desperate Housewives’) and focuses on a “regular guy who, in order to support his family, gets a job temping for super-villains.” Cunningham, Berg and Aubrey will share executive producing credits.

While ‘Hench’ is said not to be based on the comic, it sure sounds very similar to the premise of Beechen and Bello’s version where “Mike’s just an average guy with more brawn than brains and wants to provide for his family and thinks the pay a super villain offers for henching is worth the risk.” (Publisher’s Weekly)  Do I sense a conflict in the works?

NBC is developing the series as a drama which seems odd as the obvious choice for the series would be to go for the comedic angle. After all, the concept of a reluctant henchman who stands behind the main super-villain having to take orders and all the hits while the big boss gets to slink away can carry a load of laughs.

NBC’s track record for superhero shows is not the best (remember ‘The Cape’ and ‘Wonder Woman?’) but the concept of ‘Hench’ sounds promising. Let’s just hope all the pieces will fall in place and we get a chance to see it on the air.

What say you? Is ‘Hench’ something you would watch?