Last week on ‘True Blood’ we dove more into the history of Sookie’s family and the vampires. JD is held back from killing Alcide. Luna becomes a skinwalker and turns into Sam. Hoyt avoids killing Jessica but is held at gunpoint while going for help. Terry is given the choice of killing Patrick or dying himself to lift the curse. Eric confronts Nora about Godric, who tells him that Godric was a fraud. Bill has turned to the side of Lilith, leaving Eric in the dust. What crazy turns will happen next? This is a recap of this weeks episode, so there are spoilers ahead!

A True Blood factory is bombed in Houston. A quarter of the worlds supply is killed with the bombing, along with at least 6 human casulties. The council feasts on a naked man, after Steve gives a charming prayer to Russell’s delight. Salome gives a proper prayer after.

Molly walks out of the Authority with a briefcase. She is denied access to the elevators. Looking worried, she goes back to the cage, where Eric confronts her. Molly asks him if he has a plan to get them out of there, which he doesn’t. She says she has a really stupid idea that will get him killed.

Sookie brings LaFayette to her bathroom to find the spirit. He plays around, not getting any pick ups from anything. He charges her a hundred dollars for his work. LaFayette has only heard from Tara to tell him to stop texting her. While talking, LaFayette starts picking up signals from the other side, it being Gran. Gran tells her she’s glad that the fairies are looking after her, and that she is sleeping on top of a clue. Going under the bed, Sookie brings out a box of treasures from under the bed.

Jessica argues with the police that Hoyt wasn’t one of the people who was killing the supernatural. Jason goes to see her, where she tells him that she can’t feel Hoyt anymore.

Luna holds Sam’s hand, telling him she hopes that she’ll never do that again. Sam wants to take her back to the hospital since her brother died from Skinwalking. Sam says he is going off to help the police, but Luna decides that she is going with him too. They fight, ending with them telling each other that they love each other.

Arlene and Terry argue about Patrick saving his own hide and not thinking about Terry and his family. Terry says he is going to offer Patrick a fair fight. He tells Arlene she’s the only reason he’s fighting at all, leaving Arlene again to her tears.

Pam watches the news at Fangtasia about the True Blood. Tara brings all the True Blood into the back. They argue about what to do about the True Blood, ending with Tara still serving it. Pam informs her that they stay out of politics. They argue again when Tara tries to tell Pam that she can talk to her about Eric.

Eric confronts Bill about the True Blood factory being blown up. Eric tells Bill that they aren’t going to buy the act much longer, but Bill tells him that everything he believes in is turned upside down. Eric brings up Sookie, asking if she is just food now. Bill remains silent, as Eric tells Bill to steal Salome’s blood so that they can escape.

Sookie and LaFayette go through the box, which is stuff that Sookie has been through. Sheriff Dearborn’s wife was Jason’s teacher. Upon that discovery Sookie finds out that Sheriff Dearborn was the one who found their parents.

Jason brings Jessica out to her guards, continuing to express her worry for Hoyt. Jason swears that he has it under control, that he’ll find Hoyt. One of the officers find a website for keeping America “Human” saying that they need to keep the supernatural out. There are violent videos posted on the site, along with strapping vampires to stakes and watching them burn. Jason confronts the intern that was arrested earlier, punching him out. Andy tries to stop him, but they wind up fighting him together.

Alcide drives down the road away from the Pack. Flashing back, we see Alcide’s father teaching a young group of teenagers about the needs and traditions of a pack. We are shown a young Debbie Pelt as well. “Man is selfish, he wants the best piece of meat, biggest house, prettiest girl all to himself. But the wolf, the beast, he is connected to something greater. He feels his brothers and sisters in his blood. He knows his strength in our unity.” They are given the choice of man or wolf. Alcide and Debbie both choose pack, being marked with wolves blood. We are brought back to the present where Alcide begins driving to Jackson.

Sookie sits in Sheriff Dearborn’s house. They had some small talk, his cancer is in remission. She asks him about the death of her parents, which he tells her that they had thought it was alligators at the time because they didn’t know about vampires. Reading Bud’s mind, she finds out he knows more, using an excuse to “accidentally” spill her ginger ale on him. She grabs Bud’s hand, not finding out anything more but is hit over the head by the woman in the background. She tells him to move the body, which he complies.

Sam and Luna grab Andy after a press conference. They tell him there was pig feces all over the place, thinking that the killers were pig farmers of some sort. Andy blows them off, and they decide to go shape shift into flies.

Patrick grabs Arlene from behind, holding a gun to her head. He tells her to call everyone saying Merlotte’s is closed for the day. She calls him, sounding really worried. But before anything extra can be said Patrick takes the phone away.

Sookie wakes up to pigs in her face and Hoyt unconscious in the corner. Sookie starts flashing her fairy light, trying to break free. A man in a mask comes into the barn before she is able to get stronger. Back in the station, the officers talk about how no one is turning on The Dragon, and it someone they are all afraid of him. Jason blames himself for Hoyt’s predicament, and Andy thinks he is the worst cop in the world. Andy thinks about taking Bud’s route and retiring. Looking back at the video, they notice that Bud’s boots are the ones in the video, realizing that Bud is the dragon. Bud comes into the barn, telling Sookie that someone needs to put an end to the supernaturals taking over the human world. The woman’s name is Sweetie, and she seems to be controlling Bud. They want that supernaturals to be shot on sight and humans are the winners in it. Sookie reads Sweetie’s mind, where you see her sobbing in her square dancing uniform. They force Sookie to drink drugged ginger ale. Jason, Andy and the police force go to Bud’s in full uniform, where the house is dark and the Square Dancing Music is blaring. There is a picture of Bud’s wife on the mantle, who’s family owned a pig farm.

Terry waits in front of Merlottes for Patrick, who makes it clear he has Arlene. He puts his weapons down and walks in with his hands in the air. Patrick waits for him, holding the gun to Arlene’s head. Patrick tells him that his wife is pregnant, that he doesn’t want to do it. Terry says have a fair fight, may the best man win. He tells Terry he won’t die, tells him to get on his knees. Arlene stabs him in the neck from behind, bringing Terry up and the two fight. Arlene grabs the gun, holding it to Patrick’s head.

Nora sits in front of Lilith’s blood. Eric comes and stands behind her, telling her that he isn’t a fan of surrendering. He tells her she’s no longer the woman he loved. She tells him she had no idea what true power was. Salome is the one who showed her the way to Lilith. Eric tells her that it isn’t that simple for him. Nora tells him that he can do it, that she believes that he can. He tells her that he doesn’t want to fight her, that he wants to believe, and she tells him that she will help him.  Meanwhile, Bill goes to see Salome. She tells him that her true legacy will be linked to Lilith. She kisses him, saying that he was chosen too. Salome says they will birth a new world together. Bill says he doesn’t want to be chosen, but Salome tells him that the blood inside him, let that be his guide. While having sex, Bill envisions Sookie, biting down on Salome and drinking her blood, but when he opens his eyes he sees Lilith, then it switches again to Salome. He stares at the blood on his fingers, looking confused.

Sweetie and Bud put on their masks, making a new video. They feed Sookie and Hoyt to the pigs, but before too much damage is taken, Sam changes from one of the pigs and catches Sookie. He fights all of the masked men until Andy and the police department come in. Bud tries to make a last stand, causing Andy to shoot him. Sookie tells Jason that Hoyt is there. Luna chases down Sweetie, tackling her to the ground. She continually punches out Sweetie for what she did. Sam checks on Sookie while Jason tries to revive Hoyt.

Patrick and Arlene both fight with Terry as to what to do, being both the angel and demon. The woman appears to him, saying he needs to do what is right. Terry shoots Patrick in the head, which the woman responds that he played in blood for blood. The Demon then comes and takes Patrick away.

In Fangtasia, the vampires fight over True Blood. Pam notices a vampire in her throne. The vampire tells her that he is the new sheriff of Area Five. The monarchs have lifted the ban of feeding on humans in public, and he tosses Pam away.

Andy puts Sookie in his car, telling her that he will drive her home. Sam tells him that he is not the worst sheriff the town has ever had. Andy drives away, while Luna says that they need to go get Emma.

Steve and Russell talk about the werewolves. Steve tells him that they never had a pet, and Russell promises him the world. They walk into the barn where JD is packmaster of Shreveport. The wolves bow for the vampire blood, making Martha clutch Emma closer to her. Martha promises that she will never drink from Russell, who takes Emma in response. Russell gives Emma to Steve, when JD triest to stop him Russell chokes him. Russell tells him that he is a silly dog and his blood is not free. Martha screams in the barn.

Alcide comes to a trailer, where his dad lays drunk on the bed. The two drink a beer while he watches the races. Alcide scolds him for his gambling, but tells him about loosing packmaster. His father tells him he is a lone wolf now, just like him. Alcide argues he’s nothing like him.

Sookie watches the news, where two more True Blood factories have blown up. The fairies come to take care of Sookie. They tell Sookie of the vampires plan to take over the world. Eric leads Nora out, saying he is taking her home. Bill almost doesn’t show, but he has turned on them, with Salome waiting in the elevator. Bill tells Eric that he is doing this for him, that this is what Lilith wants. Nora is taken from his arms, and he is lead away.

I don’t know how much I enjoy Bill being against Eric, although it is true to their formula. I really enjoyed their bromance while it lasted though.

I’m still disappointed with the lack of Russell this season. He is still one of my favorite characters. There are only 3 episodes left, which the tagline promises “Vampires often turn on the ones they love the most.” Which makes me wonder if Bill and Sookie will be back together, if just for a brief second.

What did you think of this weeks episode? What did you think of Bud being the Dragon? Do you want more Russell in the show?

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