The Blu-ray/DVD combo pack cover to ‘The Dark Knight Returns Part 1’

About a month ago, a low res teaser trailer for DC Animation’s adaptation of Frank Millers ‘The Dark Knight Returns’ leaked to the web. That video has since been pulled by WB’s lawyers, but no matter! Now we can get our first look at a better quality, longer, and more importantly… official trailer for the animated movie.

‘The Dark Knight Returns’ is based on the 1986 comic mini-series turned graphic novel of the same name. It details the final days of Batman in a futuristic and very dystopian Gotham City. The City that once cowered at the very mention of the Batman’s name is now overrun with mutant criminals, there are gangs running around with bat-shaped war paint on their faces, and Superman is a government stooge. But when Two-Face returns to Gotham, a retired and aging Dark Knight dons the cowel for one last adventure. Along the way, he meets a new Robin, finds out that the Joker is still alive and kicking, and has a showdown with the aforementioned Man of Steel.

The first animated movie is titled aptly ‘The Dark Knight Returns Part 1’ and, like the name implies, it only covers the first half of the story and, if the trailer is any indication, DC is probably saving that Batman/Superman throwdown for part 2… although we do get a glimpse at the Joker. ‘The Dark Knight Rises Part 1’ is directed by Jay Olivia (‘Young Justice’) and stars the voice talents of Peter Weller (‘Robocop’) as Batman, David Selby (‘Tell Me You Love Me’) as Commissioner Gordon, Ariel Winter (‘Modern Family’) as Robin, and Wade Williams (‘Batman: Under the Red Hood’) as Two-Face. With talent like that, this one looks like it might be a hit. Check out the trailer below.

‘The Dark Knight Returns Part 1’ Trailer:

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Find out if ‘The Dark Knight Returns Part 1’ lives up to the original comic when it hits DVD and Blu-ray on September 25, 2012.