Earlier in the month, Fox confirmed that ‘Chronicle’ director Josh Trank would be directing the reboot of ‘Fantastic Four.’ While the news seemed heaven sent, when you get down to the nitty gritty of scheduling, it may be too soon to celebrate.  See, it seems that Trank is attached to so many projects that one or more may need to suffer and ‘Fantatic Four’ may be one of those casualties.

After the huge success of ‘Chronicle,’ Trank became the hot new director to hire and his name began to be attached to a lot of projects namely ‘20th Century Fox’s untitled Chronicle Sequel, Sony’s ‘Venom,’ Sony’s ‘Shadow of the Colossus,’ Warner Bros. ‘The Red Star’ and, of course, ‘Fantastic Four.’ While most of these projects are still in the early development stage, ‘The Red Star’ and ‘Fantastic Four’ are moving forward rather quickly and may pose a scheduling problem for the young director.

Of the 5 projects, ‘The Red Star’ is the only one that seems to be in a good position to being production ready in 2013. Trank has signed on with Warner Bros. first for this film and Jason Rothenberg has been hired to scribe the. Whereas ‘Fantastic Four’ stills needs a screenwriter. Both studios have their films slated for release in 2014 and both have announced that their film will be the next that Trank will direct.

So which one will Trank do first? Well, Fox is in a crunch since the deal with Marvel states that if they don’t have a ‘Fantastic Four’ movie in 2014, the rights revert back to Marvel (which really isn’t a bad thing now, don’t you think?).  With both movies needing to be in production sometime next year, it may be a tight squeeze for Trank to get both done. Since he signed on with Warner Bros. first and they are further in development than Fox, it would seem reasonable to think that ‘The Red Star’ would be his next project leaving ‘Fantastic Four’ at a risk of possibly not having a director in time for production. If the timing is not conducive for Trank to do both, then Fox may just end up having to scramble to find a director to replace him.

This is surely one story we’ll be keeping our eyes on! So what do you think? Will Trank direct ‘Fantastic Four’ or will this film disappear off his plate faster that Sue Richards?

Source: CBM