If you’re impatient and can’t wait for James Mangold’s ‘The Wolverine’ to see Weapon X take the Land of the Rising Sun by storm (and you don’t feel like picking up a comic book), you should check out ‘Wolverine Anime’. You see, back in 2010, Madhouse and Animax teamed with Marvel to create all new interpretations of some of the company’s most popular heroes for a Japanese audience. With a little help from superstar writer Warren Ellis, the Marvel Anime Universe was born with the introduction of ‘Iron Man’, followed by ‘Wolverine’, ‘X-Men’, and ‘Blade’. Here in the States, the shows air on G4, but now they’re making their way to DVD for you to enjoy whenever you want.

The release of ‘Wolverine Anime’ is coming up soon and Entertainment Weekly managed to score an exclusive clip from the DVD. In the clip, you can hear some of the people on the creative things talk about Wolverine’s adventures in Japan. One of these people is Ellis, who discusses what’s driving Logan in this series. Here’s what he has to say about Marvel’s most famous Canucklehead:

 “He’s constantly at war with the animal side of himself. He’s on that constant search for that one thing that will stop him feeling angry all the time.”

The exclusive clip is only available on EW’s site, but here’s a teaser for the show:

‘Wolverine Anime’, starring Milo Ventimiglia of ‘Heroes’ and ‘Gilmore Girls’ two-disc set featuring all twelve episodes and six featurettes hits stores on July 31, 2012, along with ‘Blade Anime’ as well.