With ‘Warehouse 13’ kicking off its 4th season tomorrow, now seems like a good time to get caught up on the events leading to the premiere episode. Don’t worry if you haven’t watched all the episodes from last season as I’m here to help catch you up!

This recap does contain some MAJOR spoilers so if you don’t want to know too much about what happened last season, then you may want to stop reading here!

At the end of Season 2, Myka (Joanne Kelly) had walked away from the Warehouse so it was only fitting that Pete (Eddie McClinktock) would meet someone who could potentially be his new partner. Enter Steve Jinks (Aaron Ashmore), an ATF agent who has an uncanny ability to tell when someone was lying. Jinks proved to be invaluable on his first case with Pete – tracking down William Shakespeare’s lost folio. Of course they had a little help from Myka who afterwards was convinced by Mrs. Frederic (and a holographic image of H.G. Wells) to return to the Warehouse (which she obviously does). We also learn that the team has a surprising new foe in the form of FBI agent Sally Stukowski (Ashley Williams).

With Myka back as Pete’s partner, where does it leave Jinks? With Claudia (Allison Scagliotti) of course! The two go on missions together and after Claudia has convinced herself that Jinks is attracted to her, he decides to tell her he’s gay. So instead of having to deal with the sexual tension a la Pete and Myka, Claudia has now found a new BFF.

There were a lot of standalone episodes and last season seemed to be a season centered on relationships. We got a glimpse of Artie (Saul Rubinek) trying to get one step closer to Dr. Vanessa Calder (Lindsay Wagner) (hubba, hubba), we saw the budding brother/sister relationship between Claudia and Jinks, we were introduced to the former Mrs. Pete Lattimer (Jeri Ryan) and got a glimpse of how far Pete had grown from the time he was married to her, we see Myka come to terms with the death of her boyfriend/partner Sam Martino and was introduced to Pete’s mom, Jane Lattimer (Kate Mulgrew), who just happened to also be a Regent!

Building up through the entire season is who FBI Stukowski really was and why she has teamed up with the mysterious Marcus (Sasha Roiz – yes, in what could be called a bit of typecasting, it is the same man who plays Captain Renard in ‘Grimm!’). We later find out that Stukowski was in charge of assassinating a group of high ranking Warehouse Regents. We also see Jinks fired by Mrs. Frederic for disagreeing with her methods of “information gathering” with Stukowski and for allowing the FBI agent to escape.

All was not lost as we finally find out who was behind all the chaos surrounding ‘Warehouse 13’ this season. The man’s name is Walter Sykes and he was determined to seek revenge on Warehouse 13 and the regents all because they took away his bracelet artifact that allowed him to play baseball after spending a life in a wheelchair. The Collodi bracelet allowed the disabled wearer to walk, but as a downside also enhanced the malevolence inside the person‘s soul who is wearing it. If not removed quickly enough, it hardens the heart and leaves a “hole that can never be filled.” Hence the insane sense of vengeance Sykes has for any and all things connected with the group.

Since his plan to kill the Regents was foiled by Pete, Myka and Claudia, Sykes decides to recruit one time agent Jinks who is now cut off by the government for his betrayal. They arrange to steal the Collodi bracelet back but need H.G. Wells (Jaime Murray) to help them.

But surprise! Jinks is actually a double agent and tells the team of Sykes’ plans. After finding the Janus coin in order to return H.G.’s consciousness back to her physical self (who has been living her life as high school teacher Emily Lake), Sykes heads over to the Ancient Regent Sanctum in Hong Kong to continue with his plan, but not before tying (er…killing) up some loose ends in the form of Jinks. (The scene of the team finding his body was intense!) He sends Marcus to the B&B to deal with Mrs. Frederic and takes H.G. with him to open up the Sanctum as a backdoor to Warehouse 13.

Back at the B&B, Claudia saves Mrs. Frederic by stopping the metronome artifact that was keeping Marcus alive, but was it for naught? She argues with Mrs. Frederic that she could use the artifact to bring Jinks back.

The finale finds us saying goodbye to the people we’ve grown to know and love, for even though our team was able to stop Sykes’ plan to steal his bracelet back, he booby trapped his wheelchair with a bomb to explode. Inside Warehouse 13, H.G. finds a way to protect the group but not without sacrificing her own life. As the Warehouse is destroyed, Mrs Frederic collapses and is reduced to bones.

There you have it! How will the Warehouse be rebuilt and will the title of the show now be called ‘Warehouse 14?’ Has Claudia turned to the dark side and will she actually try to bring Jinks back from the dead using an artifact? Who will the new caretaker of the Warehouse be now that Mrs. Frederic is dead? How do you start a season when everything you know is gone?

We’ll learn soon enough as ‘Warehouse 13’ returns to the Syfy channel on Monday, July 23rd, at 9PM ET/PT.

In the meantime, check out the sizzle reel for Season 4 below: