Marvel has been really rolling out the reveals the past few days! Not only did they announce that the title of the ‘Captain America’ sequel would be ‘The Winter Soldier,’ but they have also just revealed that Anthony Mackie is in negotiations to star in the film!

Mackie came under Hollywood’s radar after co-starring in the Oscar Award winning film ‘The Hurt Locker.’ He’s since starred in ‘The Adjustment Bureau,’ ‘Real Steel,’ and ‘Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter.’

While Marvel won’t confirm any details, it’s believed that Mackie is up for the role of Falcon, one of Marvel’s first African-American superheroes and one time sidekick of Captain America.

For those wondering, Falcon’s real name is Sam Wilson and he grew up in a tough Harlem neighborhood. Although originally going down a criminal path, he eventually changed his ways and became a social worker in the “real” world. He has a suit which enhances his strength and allows him to fly. He can also telepathically talk to birds. As with most superheroes, he is accomplished in martial arts and has some mad gymnastic skills. According to the comics, Falcon’s history is connected to The Red Skull and the Cosmic Cube, both which has already been introduced in the past Marvel films, so it seems like he would be a good fit in the Captain America sequel.

Plot details are being kept under wraps but the title suggest that the sequel to ‘Captain America: The First Avenger’ would follow the story arc written by Ed Brubaker back in 2005 in which Steve Rogers’ friend, Bucky Barnes (played by Sebastian Stan in the film), is brought back to life and brainwashed to become an assassin for the Soviet Union code named The Winter Soldier. At this time, no word if Sebastian Stan will be reprising his role in this sequel.

The news of a possible Falcon appearance is exciting for many Marvel fans but also disappointing at the same time in that many were hoping to see Mackie as The Black Panther. Regardless, considering that Falcon was pretty prominent at one time in the Captain America storyline, it seems that this role will be a pretty prominent one. And who knows, with Marvel looking to expand their superhero movie universe,  he may even get his own movie! After all, the Guardians of the Galaxy did.

Source: THR