You can’t be too prepared when it comes to a Zombie Apocalyse, and writer Robert Kirkman couldn’t agree more! To celebrate the 100th issue of ‘The Walking Dead’ comic book series, Kirkman was on hand to unveil the Zombie Survival Car that he specifically designed.

The customized Hyundai Elantra Coupe was modified to include a front-end custom zombie plow with spikes, slatted armoured window coverings, a roof hatch to allow passengers to shoot and fend off attacking undead walkers, a trunk full of electric and pneumatic weaponry, front and back end flood lights, spiked all-terrain/rally tube tires, a CB radio/PA system and more!”

The car company actually approached Kirkman as a means to “expand Hyundai’s immersion into the Gen Y” demographics. “Working with Hyundai on this Zombie Survival Machine was a total blast and I am excited to share this stunning vehicle with all the fans,” said Kirkman. Comic-Con attendees will be able to take pictures at the Future US booth and get to check out the interior of the car while they’re there.

If you want a closer look of the car and see how it was built, check out the videos below!

Making of the Elantra Coupe ZE: The Build:

Robert Kirkman Introduces the Zombie Survival Car:

Source: EW