Drew Goddard

Marc Foster’s adaptation of ‘World War Z’ starring Brad Pitt has been going through it’s fair share of problems. Previously, it was reported that the whole cast is being called back for seven more weeks of reshoots, but before that can get underway, Paramount brought in ‘Prometheus’ and ‘Star Trek 2’ writer Damon Lindelof to rework the script’s ending. Well, it appears that while Lindelof may have reworked the script, he isn’t rewriting it. The scripting duties have now fallen to his ‘Lost’ co-worker and ‘Cabin in the Woods’ co-writer/director Drew Goddard.

According to Deadline, the ‘Cloverfield’ writer is the one actually writing the ending that Lindelof came up with. However, due to the busy schedules of both Lindelof and Goddard, it appears that another writer might have to come in to clean things up. They name Christopher McQuarrie, the writer and director behind the Tom Cruise film ‘Jack Reacher’, but Cruise wants McQuarrie to do some rewrites for the Doug Liman action film ‘All You Need Is Kill’, so he may not have time to work on ‘World War Z’.

Though problems seem to be plaguing this production, we’re still hopeful that the final product is up to par with the phenomenal novel by Max Brooks. It seems like Paramount is doing all it can to make it work, so hopefully their efforts are not in vain and we end up with a good movie.