Previously on Eureka – GD tested a new smart dust that was supposed to help with the weather but things went a little wonky – par for the course in Eureka. And Jack stumbled upon an evil Holy and her squad of evil doubles then got tasered – once again normal for Jack and Eureka. I love this craziness!

Here there be SPOILERS….

Allison finally finds Jack lounging outside Café Diem. She’s been calling him all morning. She’s really getting concerned that folks aren’t acting like themselves. She and Zane may have found something. Jack and Andy, however, are cool as cucumbers. They don’t seem the least bit concerned with the strange behavior but Dr. Tuckerman catches their attention quickly. With a kiss and bu-bye Jack is off.

Repli-Jo escorts repli-Henry in to visit with Grace. He won’t accept the fact that she is taking the wrap so he’s there to bust her out. He punches in the release code for the cell and woosh she’s free. She is his wife and he will never let her go.

Elsewhere outside Eureka, repli-Jack and evil Andy pull over Dr. Tuckerman. Well it seems Dr. T was part of the Astraeus team.  Repli-Jack has him step out of his car and proceed back to the police jeep. Andy in the mean time gets in Dr. Tuckerman’s car. (Curiouser and Curiouser.)

Back at GD – Shaw is interrogating Zane. He KNOWS Zane hacked the system and delted the files. Problem is – he has no proof. He’s going to find the proof! News filters down that Henry and Grace have fled. Well there’s your culprit! Zane is free to go.

Allison explains her concerns to Fargo. He thinks it may be the smart dust effecting people. That can’t be because Jack told Allison it was fixed. They arrive at the bio lab to find the bio printer missing. Fargo didn’t authorize it to be moved nor did he authorize Holy to use it to print blanks for research. Allison thinks Holy was commanded to print new bodies by some other entity in the Matrix. She and Zane found other z-waves present.

Later, Allison and Fargo discover the DNA signatures that were stolen; Henry, Jo, Jack. People aren’t being brainwashed; they’re being replaced. Zane scares the ever living snot out of Fargo when he quietly appears next to him.

Elsewhere in GD – Repli-Jack continues to round up Astraeus personnel.

Allison, Fargo and Zane are on their own. Clones are everywhere! The only person that can help them is Shaw. His DNA isn’t on file. Plus, as Fargo so eloquently puts it, “He has rocket launchers!”

Fargo tries explain the evil plot to Shaw but Jo interrupts. Jo informs them they got a hit on Grace’s credit card in Grants Pass, conveniently OUTSIDE Eureka. This is a perfect way to get the D.O.D. out of the way. Very sneaky! Jo tries to get Fargo to accompany her to her office but he refuses and bolts.

Zane tries to get some information out of a disbelieving Dr. Parrish when they walk into his lab to find… Dr. Parrish. Zane tells them to prove who’s the real Parrish at gunpoint. Parrish #1 begins to remind him of a time in Café Diem they pulled that prank on Fargo but then Parrish #2 says “Zane come on just shoot this idiot. You know he’s not me. I trust you.” Then BLAM!! Black goo goes all over Parrish #1. The real Parrish would never trust Zane. They need to develop a weapon that will target the replicates and not hurt any regular humans. If they could just make some kind of EMP that would knock them out…

Fargo nervously walks through a sea of clones. He’s startled by Holy in a hall. She needs his help. She doesn’t feel like herself most of the time. The NPCs from the Matrix are using her to make bodies! She cries and swears they made her do it. She knows a place where they can talk safely. (NO! Don’t go Fargo! It’s a TRAP!)

Allison rushes home to get Kevin and Jenna to get them out of Eureka. Unfortunately repli-Jack is already home and holding Jenna with a creepy grin. Allison tries to tell Kevin that Jack is sick but S.A.R.A.H. performs a scan and finds there’s nothing wrong. Repli-Jack smiles evilly. As soon as repli-Jack hands off Jenna ZAP!!! S.A.R.A.H. blasts him with an energy beam knocking him out cold. Allison is quick to get his handcuffs. (WAY TO GO S.A.R.A.H.!!) While she did the scan she noticed that the DNA matched but the cells were only a day old. (That’s one smart house!) Zane and Parrish call Allison with a possible weapon but they need to test it. Allison suggests the cabin as a safe place and she’s got the perfect test subject.

Out in the woods – Holy has lured Fargo to an isolated spot then reaches in her pocket to retrieve… Fargo, “Is this what you’re looking for?” He holds up the taser. Fargo feels REALLY bad but she’s got to go to sleep for a bit.

Repli-Jack confirms that all of the replicants are actually the NPCs from the Matrix and they are still acting on their prime directive – keep the entire Astraeus crew in virtual Eureka.

Zane and Parrish get the z-wave bomb constructed but they have one major glitch in their plan – they can’t get out of GD. It has now gone under lock-down.

Repli-Jo and evil Andy have set up a road block. Allison guns it and rams the jeep into the other cars. It flips a few times and explodes brilliantly but she’s able to get out and away into the woods. (Why so many wood scenes this season?)

Parrish wants to pull a Star Wars and put Zane in handcuffs to sneak him out. The NPCs think he’s one of them so he can sneak them out undetected. Unfortunately it doesn’t work. Zane and Parrish are now cuffed and in the replicant lab.

The evil repli-Jack, Jo and Andy hunt Allison in the woods. “Come out come out wherever you are!” Luckily she’s able to make it to the road and flag down Fargo.

Towns folk are talking to Vincent at Café Diem. They’re afraid because repli-Jack and Andy have been acting strange and taking people away. Up pulls Andy and repli-Jo so Vincent hurries everyone into the freezer. Oh NO!! Vincent is a replicant too!

At the honeymoon cabin – Allison and Fargo figure out that Zane and Parrish may have been taken so they rework their plan. They have to get into the replicant lab and get the z-wave bomb out of Zane’s pocket then get to the smart dust controller to amplify the signal. Easy! They’re going to use Holy to lead them to the evil lair!

Repli-Jack finds a semi-conscious Holy in the woods. (ummm how exactly did he find her?) The plan works! Allison and Fargo hide in the foliage then follow.  They successfully enter the warehouse to find the entire TOWN strapped to gurneys! Fargo is able to synch to the control unit but his alarm goes off drawing attention. He makes a run for it outside. He’s eventually surrounded but he’s able to use the smart dust he just synched with to turn everything dark and slip away.

Meanwhile Allison is able to find Zane and get the bomb out of his pocket. A repli-Jenna tries to stop her by being all cute. Repli-Jack sneaks up on Allison forcing her to drop the bomb.

Fargo is finally caught in the woods by evil Andy. DOH!

Repli-Jack and Jenna strap Allison to a gurney and just as they about to put her under REAL Jack arrives to save the day!!! Allison and Jack are able to escape outside. Allison thinks Fargo got nabbed so they’re going to have to use the satellite dish back at the cabin to amplify the z-wave bomb. They have to make a run for it!

They make it to the cabin but repli-Jack is hot on their heels and busts through the roof. Allison manages to pop him with some kind of heavy thing and knocks the gun out of his hand. She heads to the loft to hook up the bomb while Jack and repli-Jack duke it out. Then the whole town arrives and swarms the cabin! (It’s like a scene out of horror movie!) Repli-Jack has Jack in a headlock! The town busts through the door! All looks lost!! Allison sets off the bomb! All of the replicants drop like sacks of potatoes.

2 weeks later – all of the replicants are being placed in freezer storage – they’re sentient beings so ethically it’s not right to kill them. Holy has been out the entire time. Allison gets a 911 – its Holy! Her systems are stabilizing. She finally wakes! “You must be Director Fargo. I’m Dr. Holy Martin…” Knocking out the z-waves has wiped her memory. (aaaaaw she and Fargo get to start all over!)

Jack and Allison are at Café Diem discussing leaving Eureka but Shaw cuts them to the chase. Given the latest breach in national security, the D.O.D. is terminating its funding of Global Dynamics. (I think I’m about to cry!) They are shutting Eureka down. Military trucks begin flowing in through the streets.

O.M.G.!!! This really IS the end! There’s only one episode left!

How on earth are they going to wrap this 5 season show in one little hour episode?!?! They aren’t even doing a two-hour special!! WTH Syfy?!? I’m going to go sob in my latte now.

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