Last month’s ‘Justice League’ #9 introduced a new villain into the DC Universe with the new ‘Villain’s Journey’ storyline. The villain, a man named David Graves (now simply calling himself Graves) blames the death of his family on the Justice League and is plotting to bring them to… well… justice.

As this issue opens, we’re treated to more details on the origin of Graves and how he got his powers. From there, the story jumps between three different tales. We’ve got Grave’s origin, interspersed with Steve Trevor (who Grave’s kidnapped last issue) attempting an escape, and the Justice League discussing how best to deal with Graves. These three threads merge into one as Graves appears on the JL Watchtower. From there, the issue becomes an all out war as Graves reveals the true extent of his powers.

One thing I like about the New 52 is the introduction of some great new villains into the DC Universe. We’ve got Anguish over the pages of ‘Superman’, the Court of Owls in ‘Batman’, Turbine and Mob Rule in ‘Flash’, and now Graves here in ‘Justice League’. The infusion of these new threats makes the New 52 Universe seem much more fresh than just updating some costumes and revamping some old baddies. That’s not to say that I don’t get excited when one of those classic villains makes their reappearance.

Speaking of those old baddies appearing, the backup story of ‘Shazam!’ introduces another villain back into the New 52 Universe this issue. The story is only 12 pages long but we’re given a look at Tawny the tiger, a very brief (splash page) of the new Black Adam, and a little more into the revamped Dr. Sivana. Still no appearance from the title character but the reintroduction to the Shazam! family is so entertaining that I can wait… for a little while longer.

Verdict: Buy

Written by Geoff Johns
Art and Cover by Jim Lee and Scott Williams
Backup Art by Gary Frank