There can be only one and Lionsgate/Summit has found their one in Ryan Reynolds. About a month ago it was reported that Reynolds was in negotiations with Summit to play the lead in the ‘Highlander’ reboot. Now after lengthy negotiations a deal has been set and Reynolds has officially signed on to play the role of the immortal Connor MacLeod.

Plot details for the ‘Highlander’ reboot are still unknown. That may be because Juan Carolos Fresnadillo who is directing the film is also in negotiations to rewrite the script. The original draft was written by ‘Twilight’ scribe Melissa Rosenberg with reports having Art Marcum (‘Iron Man’) and Matt Holloway (‘Iron Man’) doing the first set of rewrites.

Fresnadillo has already stated that his version will involve “the same characters and the same universe starting from scratch” and that he would be combining realism with an epic story. Hopefully, the basic story of ‘Highlander’ will stay intact with a group of Immortals who are bound to fight each other until only one of them is left to win The Prize, “ultimate power and knowledge” and the ability to direct the future path of mankind. They would then become mortal and be able to live a normal life.

As the series goes, “there can be only one” and I really don’t think that one is Reynolds. Not that I don’t appreciate his acting skills, but this doesn’t seem to be a good fit. I can think of other actors who could pull off the Highlander look and feel – for example, how about Ewan McGregor? It would be quite easy to mess up this franchise (all you need to do is watch the movie sequels to see that!) and a lot of ‘Highlander’ fans will be watching this closely (including me!).

It may not be long before the cameras start rolling (depending on how long it would take Fresnadillo to rework the script if negotiations go through) so let’s keep our fingers crossed that the director can make the reboot as good as, if not better, than the original.

So what do you think of Reynolds as Connor MacLeod?