Here at we try to give you the latest in sci-fi that we think would interest the readers. So when we saw that a new short film called ‘Seed’ seemed to have Twitter tweeps all in a flutter, we just had to check it out.

The film was directed, co-written and co-produced by Tyson Wade Johnson, the same guy who made a splash last year for a short film he did called ‘Exist.’ Keeping with the sci-fi extraterrestrial theme, ‘Seed’ looks like it has the suspense you would expect from a horror film without any of that annoying found footage technique.

The short is still in post-production so it may be a few more weeks before the final product is released, but after watching the trailer, I can see why others were excited. Here’s the official synopsis of the short film followed by the trailer:

In the year 2071 A.D. Technology has lead the human race to the discovery and early stages of colonization on an Earth-like planet named Gaia. This planet is capable of sustaining human life. Midway through the migration process, astro-bioligist Thomas Kamp is sent to explore an unknown region dubbed ‘The Void’, where powerhouse-corporation Gravicorp United has lost track of several aircrafts and A.R.M.D’s. Alone in The Void, Kamp finds himself trapped, and discovers ill-fated horrors that would immediately discontinue the chances of human life on this planet. With no direction and no outside contact, Kamp battles to survive The Void so he can put a halt to colonization before it’s too late.

‘Seed’ Teaser Trailer:

If you’re curious about Johnston’s filming style, here’s the short film he directed last year called ‘Exist:’