A few days ago the red band trailer for ‘V/H/S’ was released along with the movie’s poster. Now the international trailer has hit online and it shows why this film is being hyped as the most terrifying horror film to date.

This trailer is tamer than the red band one but still gives you the gist of what the film entails. The disturbing images that flash onscreen only brings to imagination what would possibly make a couple movie goers ill and pass out as well as what the whole film will be like.

The anthology aspect of this low budget found footage style of this film is part of the uniqueness of the movie and like the predecessors before it (i.e. ‘Paranormal Activity,’ ‘Blair Witch Project’), it is easy to see that this film will have horror fans flocking to it.

Check out the international trailer and let me know if you think the hype is worth it!

‘V/H/S’ International Trailer:

‘V/H/S’ will be released in theaters on October 5th but if you don’t want to wait that long to see you, you can order it on Video On Demand starting August 31st.