Jane Fonda as Barbarella

With the possibility of a feature film reboot no longer in the works, Gaumont International Television has decided to take the reins and bring the sci-fi cult film ‘Barbarella’ to the small screen. In addition, they have signed on ‘Drive’ director Nicolas Winding Refn to help them achieve their goal.

A reboot of ‘Barbarella’ has been in development for a while now when Dino De Laurentiis (who produced the original film) and his wife Martha De Laurentiis first acquired the rights back in 2007. Universal was backing a feature film version and at one point had Robert Rodriguez directing and Rose McGowan starring as the sexy intergalactic heroine. Nothing much was heard after that and it seemed as though the project had died when original producer De Laurentiis had passed away.

Now Gaumont International Television and Martha De Laurentiis are looking to revive the character as a television series just like they’ve done with Hannibal Lector for the new NBC series ‘Hannibal.’ The series will not only be based on the 1968 film starring Jane Fonda but will also draw elements from the Jean Claude Forest graphic novel the movie was based on.

Refn will be on board to help create the series with De Laurentiis and will wear the executive producer hat as well as direct the pilot. This is not the only movie revival project Refn is involved in. He’s also attached to direct the reboot of ‘Logan’s Run’ with Ryan Gosling to star.

While his dream to make a ‘Wonder Woman’ film is still in the talking stage, Refn can focus his attention to another female superwoman in ‘Barbarella.’ “I look forward to bringing this unique character to life for a new generation of fans,” he said describing Barbarella as “one of the ultimate counter-cultural characters” around.

Barbarella is set in the year 40,000 and finds the rather bodacious and sexual female lead, Barbarella, fighting robots, deadly dolls, monsters and stopping an evil weapons inventor named Dr. Durand Durand (and yes, that’s where the pop group, Duran Duran, got their name).

At the moment, there is no word as to who would play the lead role but considering the highly sexual themes and plotlines of both the film and graphic novel, it definitely will have to be someone who has a lot of sex appeal. I’m guessing that the series will probably not make it to network television but it does seem like a good fit for cable.

Since the project is in development, who would you like to see in the role? And to help you visualize what the series will be about, check out the trailer for the 1968 movie below!

‘Barbarella’ Movie Trailer:

Source: Deadline