Bleeding Cool has uncovered an interesting bit of news: There was never an official press release announcing that ‘Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes’ had been cancelled. Since it had been rumored that Marvel TV would be cancelling the show and replacing it with another Avengers show, and Joe Quesada and Jeph Loeb have been talking about ‘Marvel’s Avengers Assemble’, most just assumed that when the website Marvel TV News broke the news of the cancellation via a “print only” press release, it was the truth. Many sites like Comic Book Movie, CBR, and Super Hero Hype (and us) ran the quote verbatim:

‘The Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes’ won’t be renewed for the 3rd Season. Marvel Animation will present their newly developed series “Marvel’s Avengers Assemble” in 2013.

However, it looks as if this quote was premature and completely fabricated by a man named Nabil Elmjati.

While most of us aren’t the biggest fans of Disney XD’s ‘Ultimate Spider-Man’, I don’t think that we’d go to the lengths to show it like Mr. Elmjati did. According to the report, it seems that Nabil started tweeting Joe Quesada every Sunday since USM started airing that he and all the other fans wanted ‘Spectacular Spider-Man’ back. After good ol’ Joe tweeted back saying that if Nabil didn’t like it, then he shouldn’t watch it, the fan conceded… Seemingly.

Though he may have stopped tweeting Quesada, it appears that he has created the site Marvel TV News, which reports on all things Marvel animation, but mostly it talks about how much ‘Ultimate Spider-Man’ sucks. While he denies it, it’s registered to “Nabil Mjati” in Morocco. Most people who use an alias don’t make it that close to their name, Nabil. Smooth move, dude.

Also on Twitter, he directed his followers to Jeph Loeb’s Facebook page so that fans can bombard the page with negative comments about Drake Bell’s version of the friendly neighborhood web slinger. But here’s the thing: Jeph Loeb doesn’t have a Facebook page. It appears that Nabil may have created that as well, and recruited people to bombard the page with negativity. The social networking site has since taken down the page.

I don’t think that I’ve ever heard of a fan go through such lengths to express his hatred for something. Also, I’m not really sure what he is trying to accomplish by doing all of this, but no matter what he does, it doesn’t look like we’ll ever be getting ‘Spectacular Spider-Man’ back. But, the good news here is that ‘Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes’ is safe for the time being. Yes, it’s very possible that it could be replaced by ‘Avengers Assemble’ next year, but we can all live in denial again and hope that Marvel TV will allow two Avengers shows to co-exist until Marvel makes an official announcement as to what’s going on. I expect we’ll learn the final fate of EMH at SDCC next month.