On last weeks Season 5 opener of ‘True Blood’, we got a few answers and were introduced to some new questions. Tara was turned into a vampire with some bargaining between Sookie and Pam. Bill was introduced to Eric’s sister, Nora, who originally was there to rescue the pair from the Vampire Authority, but was caught in the process.

This week it looks as if we are going to see the Vampire Authority in full force. We’ll also see Tara in her first day as a vampire and how LaFayette and Sookie will react.

The episode begins with Tara choking and fighting Sookie as she screams for LaFayette. LaFayette comes to help, but Tara kicks him away. Pam laughs as Tara bites Sookie. Pam says she’s leaving, but Tara commands as her maker to not bite the two, then locks her in the house. Tara breaks windows and doors inside the house while LaFayette and Sookie wonder what to do next.

The vampire authority takes Bill, Nora and Eric to a secluded building in handcuffs. They are greeted by a woman who Nora confronts. Nora tries to explain that she wasn’t trying to jepordize her career, but the woman slaps her and takes them away. They take an elevator down to a fairly busy looking office where the three are separated into different cells.

The pack continues to eat Marcus’ body, snubbing Alcide for not eating as well. Luna strokes Sam’s head in the background. Alcide walks away from the pack as they call him names. Martha stops him, saying that her son was not perfect but that he deserves respect. Alcide tells her that he disagrees. Since he is the new packmaster for murdering Marcus, it is his obligation to eat. But he doesn’t want to be packmaster, breaking the laws of the pack. He tells Martha to find someone else. Luna tells the pack to back off as she takes Sam away.

Terry stands over Arlene as she sleeps. She tries to touch his face as he slaps her hand away, saying that they are all going to die. We are then flashbacked into Iraq, but only briefly. Arlene slaps him awake, which snaps him out of it, but he just goes to sleep in bed.

Tara continues to destroy Sookie’s kitchen as LaFayette tries to feed her TrueBlood. When she tries to bite LaFayette she goes crazy, since it would be disobeying her maker.

Pam returns to the club where Ginger inquires about her appearance. It is told that Eric still hasn’t called, causing more frustration in Pam. As she puts on her lipstick, we are flashed to 1905, as Pam drinks in a bar. She gives a working girl a bump. It seems she runs a working girl house. She goes to check on a girl, seeing a dead body on the bed she cries. Back in the real time, she cries softly as she calls Eric.

Eric and Bill slightly chatter as Nora tells them to shush. Bill tries to get them to release Eric and Nora with lies, but because of his lies the Authority burns the prisoners with UV rays.

Luna nurses Sam’s wounds in the living room. She goes up to check on Emma when there is a knock at the door. Martha barges in, saying she wants to see her granddaughter. Luna quickly throws her out, but Martha says that Emma will be wolf, she’ll need a pack. Martha begs to not be kept from her, that Emma is all she has left. On her way out, she apologizes to Sam for his injuries. Sam tries to calm Luna down, but she rages at him instead of calming down. Luna throws it in Sam’s face that Emma is not his daughter, throwing him out as well.

Sookie realizes that the sun will be up in a half hour, needing to get Tara down into Eric’s cub hole. LaFayette searches for Tara, who has continued raging through the house. LaFayette cuts himself so that Tara lunges for him to drink, so Sookie sneaks up behind her and silvers her into the hole.

Andy asks sex advice from Jason, who unconvincingly says that his and Jessica’s situation is perfect. They go to check out an abandonded car, which belongs to a Deborah Pelt. Andy finds a vial of vampire blood, pocketing it. He tosses Jason the other bottle. Jason makes the connection that Sookie knows Debbie and Alcide.

Steve Newlin is on television talking about how vampires are not all that is wrong with the world. Sookie goes in the vampire hunting store to pick up supplies for Tara. Reading his mind, she gets the shopkeep to shut up after he sells her a silver mister.

Terry continues to flashback to Iraq, when Arlene puts her hands on him he shoves her away. He quickly snaps out of it, apologizing. He says it was an accident, rushing out of the kitchen.

Sookie puts up the silver mister, hearing LaFayettes thoughts as he is about to stake Tara. He regrets doing this to her, turning her into the thing she hates. Sookie begs him to not do this to her, that Tara is in there. Sookie swears they can make a life for her, even in her current state. She is able to take the stake away from LaFayette, they both cry.

Jason watches the Steve Newlin broadcast, where he announces he’s not a part of the Fellowship of the Sun. He says all vampires want is peaceful co-existence. Andy tells Jed to get rid of the judge’s son’s ticket. A kid comes in, punching Jason in the face, saying it is his fault that his parents are getting a divorce. He didn’t remember until a picture was shown.

Back in 1905, Pam walks down the street from her brothel. A man follows her closely behind. The man tells her that she is lovely, attacking her. Eric flies by, cutting the mans throat and drinking his blood. He is surprised that she is not afraid. Eric tells her a lady should be more careful. He gives her gold for the blood on her dress. Pam then awakes in her coffin.

Bill is put into a questioning chamber. He is hooked up to a machine that will feed him pure silver if he lies. The Vampire Bible is shown, telling the story of Lilith. Before Adam and Eve, there was Lilith. Human shall nourish Vampire. Bill tells him that he does not believe the literal version of the Vampire Bible, that humans are more than just food. Silver is fed into his veins for saying these things, brainwashing him. Eric is going through the same thing in a separate room with the first woman. The woman tells him that Nora met the true death for her betrayal. Eric visibly becomes distraught. The woman tells him non-cooperation would not be tolerated. Eric then acts surprised when he’s told that Nan Flannigan is dead. The man working Bill tells him that Eric already sold him out, that Eric is walking around freely. The woman tells Eric the same thing about Bill. Both are silvered when they answer in ways that aren’t approved by their interrogators. They are both then deposited in their cells, filled with silver.

Jessica hosts another college party when Steve Newlin comes in. Jessica confronts him, where he tells her that he wants a private chat with her. He confronts her about Jason, offering her 10 grand in cash for Jason. Jessica turns it on him, saying she wants 20 thousand. They continue bartering for him, but Jessica eventually wins out. But she still rejects his 20 thousand for Jason being his friend. Steve tells her that Bill is no longer the king before she throws him out. Jessica then throws out the college kids.

Arlene goes to see Patrick. She tells him of Terry’s dreams, which she then questions Patrick if something would have stuck with him from combat. But he visibly lies to her, saying nothing would have stuck around. There is a knock at the door, where Terry stands. Terry asks what she is doing here, then asking her to leave so he can talk to Patrick alone. She tells Patrick she has kids, and too much invested in Terry to watch him lose his mind. Terry tells Patrick that the man that he is looking for isn’t dead, just underground. They decide to go see him before he goes trigger happy on them.

Jason goes to talk to Hoyt at his mothers house. Jason offers him his house to try and patch things up, but Hoyt rages out at him. Mrs. Fortenberry yells at him while he walks out but whispers to him that she’s baking him a pie.

Loud noises are heard coming from Emma’s room. Luna tells Emma to go to sleep, but when she opens the door she sees that Emma has become a wolf.

Tara emerges from hole. She looks at both LaFayette and Sookie, telling them that she will never forgive either of them. She goes running into the silver mister, but runs away.

Eric and Bill are both brought before the councilman of the Authority. They perform a ritual of Lilith. Nora stands in the corner, still handcuffed. After they are through with the ritual. Nora is dragged into another room. Eric struggles to keep composure. The head councilman, Guardian, lists off very few of their crimes, then ending with the death of Nan Flannigan. He asks if they are a part of the Anti-Authority. The council debates over what to do with the two vampires. Guardian stresses how important the coexistence of vampires and humans is. He produces a stake. Bill offers an exchange; their lives in return for Russell Edgington. He explains that Russell is alive and has broken free. Bill promises Guardian that he will bring Russell Edgington as an offer of solidarity, he also believes that main streaming is necessary. He fully expects to meet the true death either way. Russell is shown, dead bodies surrounding him, and he heals from all the wounds suffered by the hands of Bill and Eric.

I think the Authority will play an interesting role this season in True Blood. I’m excited because it feels like we’ve gotten rid of the Fairies, which were my least favorite part of both the television and book series.

I think the scene with LaFayette holding the stake over Tara was pretty powerful. They knew they turned Tara into the one thing she hates. I’m actually surprised that Sookie was able to talk him down, but I suppose with Tara being a fan favorite they wouldn’t kill her right away in the season then!

I absolutely love the new bromance between Bill and Eric. They compliment each other greatly. I’m excited to see them work together in this season, instead of just constantly fighting over Sookie. Plus, bringing back Russell Edgington is really exciting to me! I think this second episode really set up Season 5, even moreso than the premiere episode.

What are you looking forward to most with this season? Which the story lines are you following closely?