Rich Johnston at Bleeding Cool News is reporting that preorders of ‘The Walking Dead’ #100 have surpassed 300,000 making it the best selling, first-printing comic book of the year.  He states, “It is possible that Avengers Vs X-Men may beat it but only after multiple prints, and a first print that effectively gave away most of its copies.”

The book will ship with ten different covers, including the “regular” version on the left, drawn by the series’ regular penciller Charlie Adlard.  Compared to normal issues of ‘The Walking Dead,’ per Johnston,  “each cover will outsell recent issues of the Walking Dead comic significantly and, if counted separately, all five covers would be in the top twenty.”

‘The Walking Dead’ tv series has an audience of 8 million.  Retailers must be counting on the show’s success to translate to inflated sales of this landmark issue.  (Hopefully, at long last, the mastermind Negan will be revealed.)  Keep in mind, though, that just because retailers have ordered a massive quantity of these comics, doesn’t necessarily mean readers will.  We’ll just have to wait and see.

But take a look below at the various covers for the comic.  Which one will you buy?  And how many?

Marc Silvestri
Frank Quitely
Todd Mcfarlane
Sean Phillips
Bryan Hitch
Ryan Ottley
Charlie Adlard - Wraparound
Charlie Adlard Black & White Wraparound
Charlie Adlard Chromium Wraparound (Chromium? Guess the 90s really are back.)