Each day seems to bring on more new clips from the upcoming film ‘Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter.’ Two days ago we saw Abe in action while on a moving train, then came a clip of the young man in his early days as a vampire hunter. Now we have two more clips to share!

The first clip from the film shows how Abe is able to tap into his inner power in order to fiercely be able to swing his axe as well as he does and the second one called ‘Waltz of Death’ just shows how good he gets while fighting against a large group of undead.

I’m really hoping this movie comes together and won’t disappoint when it comes out in theaters next week. The clips and trailers so far are entertaining and while I was very doubtful about the film in the beginning, what I’ve seen so far has made me change my mind.

Take a look at the clips below and let me know if you’ll be watching ‘Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter’ next week!

‘Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter’  – Real Power:

‘Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter’ – Waltz of Death: