When I reviewed ‘Batman and Robin’ #9, I commented that I loved that Robin took center stage for that issue. Well, it seems as if DC must’ve had the same idea because this issue, ALL of the Robins take front and center.

The issue begins with a quick setup of a new group of villains. Rather than being made up of Batman’s classic rogues gallery, this new group consists of a handful of crooks that Batman has maimed over his illustrious vigilante career. There’s a guy with three faces, another with a Batarang stuck in his head and, most amusing of all, a guy with a bat-boot imprint on his face. All of these crooks are under the leadership of another guy named Terminus who I can only assume was also injured by the Batman.

Cut to Wayne Manor where Bruce, and three Robins (Dick, Tim, and Damian) are posing for a family portrait. Notably absent is Jason (Red Hood), which is made all the more glaring since Alfred is sitting in with the extended Wayne family.

The rest of the issue bounces back and forth between the new villain Terminus preparing himself for a showdown with Batman and the Robins bickering about who’s the best Robin and who best represents Batman’s legacy. What begins as cruel jibes and humorous digs at one another eventually devolves into several of the Robins coming to fisticuffs!

Other than the introduction of Terminus, which could’ve easily been done in three or four pages, the story doesn’t really go anywhere this issue. The only saving grace is that Peter J. Tomasi does a wonderful job with the various personalities of the Robins and further cements Damian as one of my favorite Bat-characters of all time. In fact, Tomasi does such a great job writing the Robins that I would love to see him on a book that teams the Robins up against a real villain instead of each other. (Hear me, DC? Get on that!)

So, while it was a fun read, I wouldn’t recommend it to someone who was coming into this title for the first time. So, the verdict must be…

Verdict: Borrow

Written by Peter J. Tomasi
Art by Patrick Gleason & Mick Gray