About a couple weeks ago we posted some images from ‘The Dark Knight Returns’ animated film and now Warner Bros has released a great behind the scenes featurette focusing on the inspiration behind the film, the 1986 comic book series by Frank Miller.

Although there is no footage from the actual animation the featurette does include some early glimpses of the unfinished animation as well as the voices that will be in the film. There are some great comments from producer Bruce Timm, writer Bob Goodman (‘Warehouse 13’), producer Alan Burnett, director Jay Oliva and voice director Andrea Romano who all talk about the story, characters and ideas that helped bring Miller’s story to life.

This sneak peek only covers part 1 of ‘The Dark Knight Returns’ saga and is set a decade after Bruce Wayne had decided to quit his vigilante crime fighting ways and how he comes to the decision to come out of retirement to save Gotham from sinking deeper into lawlessness.

If you’re a fan of the DC superhero, this 12 minute featurette is very much worth the watch! Not familiar with the story? Here’s the official synopsis:

The Dark Knight Returns is set in a near future where Batman is retired and Gotham City has slid into a dystopian state ruled by a gang of hooligans called The Mutants. The 55-year old Bruce Wayne is forced to don the cape once more, this time partnering with a female Robin to not only stop the Joker but keep the peace when the city falls into chaos after being hit by an electromagnetic pulse.

‘The Dark Knight Returns’ Featurette:

The Dark Knight Returns’ stars Peter Weller as Batman, Ariel Winter as Robin, David Selby as Jim Gordon, Wade Williams as Harvey Dent and Michael McKean as Dr. Wolper. Part 1 is slated to be released on October 23rd with Part 2 arriving in early 2013.

Source: io9