So far this month we’ve got good news and bad news when it comes to Marvel’s animated shows. The (debatably) good news is that ‘Ultimate Spider-Man’ on Disney XD would be receiving a second season, but the bad news is that ‘Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes’ would be cancelled in favor of a new Avengers cartoon called ‘Marvel’s Avengers Assemble’. While many fans are very upset to see EMH go, we still don’t know very much about the new show, so it could be good. Or at least, we hope so.

In an interview with TV Guide (via Collider), Jeph Loeb, the head of Marvel Television, offered up some info on the upcoming show. On the animation of the show, Loeb said:

“In the same kind of way that ‘Ultimate Spider-Man’ pushed the boundaries in terms of a unique combination of 2D and CG and using top-flight writers and voice actors, that’s what we’re looking for. Eric Radomski, who is in charge of production for us, has been involved with such groundbreaking shows as ‘Batman: The Animated Series’ and ‘Spawn’, and every single time there’s been a significant leap in the look and tone of action adventure television animation he’s been there. We really look to him and our creative people to break down that wall and see what the next level is.”

Other than that, the details of this new Avengers cartoon are being kept under wraps.

’The Avengers’ movie has been the ambassador to the world for the Marvel Universe so we want a show that has the feel and the tone and the incredible adventures like that movie. So the next project that we’re working on — and this is down in our lab, top secret, with the S.H.I.E.L.D. agents protecting us at all costs — is ‘Marvel’s Avengers Assemble’, which will be a brand new and really extraordinary looking animated series dealing with the Avengers in that same world.”

Set in the same world as the movie? That’s interesting. I guess we won’t be seeing Ant-Man and Wasp right off the bat then, which makes me pretty disappointed. However, that may also mean that we’ll get some Coulson back in our lives, which wouldn’t be such a bad thing.

And going back to the animation of ‘Marvel’s Avengers Assemble’ for a second, CBM uncovered some promo art for the show featuring Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, Hulk, and Falcon, which you can see throughout this article. I don’t see the animation being exactly like this, but if these are the costumes that they’re going with, that’s kind of cool.

Wait a second! All this talk of The Avengers and Spider-Man seems to have made everyone forget that there’s a new Hulk cartoon coming up as well. Titled ‘Hulk and the Agents of S.M.A.S.H.’, this series featuring multiple Hulks has been in development for a bit now, and with the popularity of the Hulk at an all time high thanks to Mark Ruffalo, what better time to talk about it? Here’s what Loeb had to say about the show:

“We started talking about it and we thought what’s more fun than one Hulk? And that would actually be five Hulks! We’re taking characters that already exist in the Marvel Universe — because it’s very important to us that it all begins with [the comic-book] publishing. That cast is Hulk; the Red Hulk; Skaar, who’s the teenage barbarian Hulk, She Hulk — who’s actually been a character in the Marvel Universe for 30 years; and a relatively new character, A-Bomb. He’s more of a Blue Hulk. And together they are ‘Hulk and the Agents of S.M.A.S.H.’”

This is pretty much information that we could gather from the promotional image making its rounds online (see below), but thanks for the offering anyway, Jeph! My one gripe, though, is that I don’t see a mention of Red She-Hulk. No love for Betty Banner in this series? I mean, her husband and her father (General Thunderbolt Ross AKA Red Hulk) are both on the team, but she’s nowhere to be found. Hopefully, she’ll make an appearance in some way as the show progresses. I mean, if Loeb thinks they could have fun with five Hulks, imagine adding one more, right?

What do you think of the new animated efforts from the House of Ideas? Are you excited for any of these shows to make their debuts?