Looks like it may be a little while longer before ‘The Twilight Zone’ feature film reboot gets to the big screen as the script will be undergoing yet another rewrite.

Not too long ago, Warner Bros had hired Matt Reeves (‘Let Me In,’ ‘Cloverfield’) to helm the project which was based on a screenplay by Jason Rothenberg (‘The Red Star’). The script then underwent a rewrite with ‘Sherlock Holmes’ screen writer Anthony Peckham. Apparently the script needs more work as Warner Bros. has now hired Joby Harold to go through another rewriting process.

Coming off the rewrite of the Tom Cruise tentpole ‘All You Need Is Kill,’ Harold grabbed the attention of Hollywood with writing and directing the film ‘Awake.’ Word has it that Warner Bros wanted a scribe with a sci-fi background to take a stab at it before starting to film the movie as it is a potential tentpole itself.

What makes ‘The Twilight Zone’ reboot noteworthy is that unlike its predecessor, the film will consist of a single story which would “incorporate the multiple themes and elements” of the classic TV series made popular by Rod Serling. No other information has been released but it would be really great if William Shatner would be able to make a cameo!

Hopefully Harold will be able to give ‘The Twilight Zone’ script the polish Warner Bros is looking for as this is definitely a project that would be great to see on the big screen!