Well this is some surprise and exciting news! NBC has just signed on Jerry O’Connell to play Herman Munster in Bryan Fuller’s reboot version of the classic sitcom ‘The Munsters’ called ‘Mockingbird Lane.’

O’Connell is a very accomplished actor and is not new to the sci-fi genre. Gaining attention as a child actor in ‘Stand By Me,’ O’Connell has starred in such series as ‘Sliders,’ ‘Eastwick,’ ‘Crossing Jordan’, and was the voice of Nightwing in ‘The Batman’ and Captain Marvel in the ‘Justice League’ cartoon series. He’s also known for his work in ‘Jerry McGuire,’ ‘Scream 2’, and ‘Piranha.’ He was last seen starring in the CBS procedural dramedy ‘The Defenders.’

Now he has landed the role as the patriarch figure of the Munster family and like the original black and white comedy, he will still be under Grandpa’s thumb. O’Connell will be joining Eddie Izzard who was signed on earlier to play Grandpa Sam Dracula, a powerful and ancient vampire who can shape shift into other creatures and has an eye for the pretty ladies. Also on board is Charity Wakefield who will play Marilyn, the niece of the family who was saved from being devoured by her mother and has no “special” abilities unlike her kin and Mason Cook who will play Eddie Munster, Herman and Lily’s son who finds out he’s a werewolf and is none too happy about it.

Fuller’s reboot is being described as a “visually  spectacular one hour drama” centering on how Herman and Lily first came to 1313 Mockingbird Lane. The pilot was originally supposed to go into production in the spring, but due to casting issues, the project was pushed to start production sometime in the summer.  It looks like casting is no longer an issue as most of the main characters have been cast. Now it looks like they just need to find a wife for Herman. Any suggestions?

Source: THR