Previously on Eureka…
It’s been a long minute since last we saw our Heroes.  (Thanks not-so-very-much powers that be for that break.)  Holly was killed in the Matrix. (Damn you VJack!) Zane and Fargo turn the big glowing blue bed back on to find out if she’s still alive. (Go Zane and Fargo!) Fargo finds Holly still alive in the Matrix! (Woot!)

Here there be SPOILERS….

Loads of sadness as everyone prepares for a memorial for Holly at GD. Jo is taking a lot of pains to get everything exactly right for Fargo. Sounds of drilling get Jack’s attention. Soldiers from the D.O.D. are installing new security camera nodes. Major Shaw sent Fargo numerous memos that they would be doing it today. (I think Fargo’s been a wee bit occupied lately.) That info didn’t get passed down. Jo and the Major know each other from back in the day. He brings her up to speed on the install – He’s installing PANUP the new security system ordered by the D.O.D. Carter makes sure the Major understands that they need to go install elsewhere today.

Meanwhile, Allison is checking in on Fargo. His usually pristine office looks like a Chinese take-out cyclone went off. He seems disorganized in the extreme but he’s not too distraught over the memorial. Little does Allison know that he’s been secretly seeing Holly on the Vside.

At the memorial, Henry gives a sweet eulogy and introduces the Holly Martin Sodium Beacon – a mesospheric laser that creates an artificial star for stellar cartography; a.k.a. a giant laser pointer. When Henry asks if Fargo wants to say a few words he passes. Everyone gives him the “Fargo?!?!” look. They end the service with her favorite song – “Working at the Car Wash”.

Vincent has laid out all of her favorites, PB&J and Mac & Cheese. Henry’s been going through Grace’s Zeta Wave research. He thinks he might keep her close if he continues her work. Jack volunteers to help Henry with some testing. “Lab rat Carter at your service.”

Jo voices her opinion to Zane. She’s is worried about Fargo. She’s noticing he’s distracted. He’s not keeping his appointments; not doing his job. Zane tries to cover for him but Jo’s not buying it. Major Shaw interrupts looking for Fargo. He also needs to impound everything related to the Astraeus abduction – most importantly the Matrix computer. (Rut roh! That’s Holly’s home at the moment.)

Looks like Fargo told Holly about her memorial. She’s upset that Fargo didn’t say anything to anyone about her. And then she’s REALLY upset when she learns her memorial item is a giant stellar laser pointer!

Zane wakes Fargo abruptly just before Jo and Allison walk in escorting the D.O.D. squad. Fargo flips out when he’s told everything is going to be disassembled and shipped back to Washington. He still won’t tell them why. (That really would stop the transport Fargo. Tell Them!) Jo escorts Fargo from the room.

Outside he finally admits to Jo and Allison that Holly is still in there.

Jo thinks Fargo is a few brain cells short. She’s blaming the grief. Allison thinks he might be right but Jo thinks he’s delusional. Either way they need to help Holly – real or not – in order to help Fargo get through it.

Henry sets up the Z-wave experiment for Jack. Looking all kinds of Tron, he’s got to levitate spheres in tubes. It works!! Jack, “I’m moving the balls with my mind!” Henry, “There must be a better way to say that but yes.” That test was set up for alpha waves. Now Jack needs to focus his Zeta waves by stopping paint balls being shot at him. (I think Henry is liking the whole shoot Jack more test a bit too much.) Major Shaw interrupts with an inventory list for Henry. Jack almost spills the beans about the Z-wave test but Henry stops him short.

Jo’s pissed at Zane for rebuilding a dangerous piece of tech so Fargo could have a cyber-girlfriend. She even more pissed that Zane was not honest with her about everything. He’ll be honest, but later. Right now he’s got to finish transferring Holly out of the Matrix computer. He successfully transfers all of the files from the Matrix just as Major Killjoy swipes the keyboard out of his hands.

Zane drops the good news to Fargo and Allison that he transferred Holly to the GD mainframe. But when he goes to look for it it’s not there. It must still be on the Matrix computer!

While they’re looking for some items on Shaw’s list Jack asks Henry why he wouldn’t talk about the Z-waves in front of Shaw. The Z-waves would make Jack an item on Shaw’s inventory. Jack thinks that’s ridiculous because the Z-waves in his brain are useless; he can’t move anything, the test failed – well except for that mechanical arm in the next room. He’s got control for all of 2.2 minutes. Then it goes violently wonky on them wanting to crash through the projective glass. And then everything shuts down.

Henry has no logical explanation for why that machine malfunctioned. It had to be Jack. Mums the word though as the D.O.D. continues to install nodes all over. So hands in pocket for Jack until they can figure it out.

Allison tells Fargo that all couples argue. He knows but he just didn’t want to leave it that way. He doesn’t want the D.O.D. to study her like a lab rat. He’d rather they think she’s an NPC. Zane runs in. The D.O.D. has the Matrix on a loading dock and they’re going to wipe the hard drive before they ship it. Allison thinks there may be a way.

She remotely guides Fargo through the ductwork. He’s looking all kinds of Spyhunter dressed in black and wearing a forehead lamp. I don’t think secret agents would be using Lord of the Rings as operative lingo though. I could be wrong. It’s adorable.

Shawn gives Jo the rundown of how PANUP works as he brings it online. But just like usual in Eureka, there’s a glitch. It looks like someone is trying to come through the screen. Then it all goes dark

The shut down gives Fargo time to get through the access panel. He’s on the loading dock. He hears voices. And lights start to explode. He’s finally able to plug a flashdrive directly into the Matrix.

Aaaaand  the system comes back up to show everyone what Fargo is up to.

Nothing’s happening with the flashdrive so Fargo’s jacking in. Nothing but white.

Fargo wakes up on the floor. The machine was already wiped. Major Shaw arrests Fargo with a head shake.

Jo can’t believe Carter is on Fargo’s side too. She thinks folks really need to just let Fargo grieve and stop feeding his fantasies. On the business side of things – they’ve been getting incident reports all over GD of doors opening, machines malfunctioning, and noises. Not necessarily where Jack has been. Ok, so it’s not Jack making everything go haywire. He’s very happy about that. So maybe it’s the nodes? Jo’s confused by Jack. (That’s a common occurrence between them.) Jo agrees to look into it but Fargo’s staying in jail.

Allison takes her shot at convincing Jo to help Fargo. Jo thinks they should all just help Fargo let Holly go. She’s dead. He needs to deal with that.

Henry completely understands why Fargo is doing what he’s doing. He’s kind of doing the same by taking on Grace’s research. Jack lets him know that things have been going on all over GD and not just with him so it might be the nodes and not his Z-waves. But the giant laser pointer kicks on all by itself and there are no nodes around. Instead of pointing at the sky, it starts shooting the lab. When Henry points out that the laser marks don’t look random the laser looks like it’s nodding yes.

Major Shaw’s not happy about letting Zane look over the nodes program. Zane notices a bit stream rattling around. But it’s acting like a ghost moving from place to place. The Major initiates a level 6 antivirus purge to take care of that ghost. (NO! Don’t do it! It has to be Holly!) He’s sure whatever it is, PANUP will kill it. Jo tries to convince Zane to stop feeding Fargo’s fantasy but Zane is the only one that can shut down Jo with a single word.  He’s totally on Fargo’s side. She needs to think about it more.

Jo takes her thoughts and feelings to Fargo. She watched her dad go through the pain when her mom died. She tells Fargo he needs to just let go – or at least that’s what she thought. Suddenly “Working at the Car Wash” starts playing. HOLLY!! I think Jo is believing Fargo now.

Jo and Fargo meet Henry and Jack on the balcony of the laser lab. From above, the laser strikes form “Help Me” in Holly’s handwriting.

Finally everyone believes Fargo but then they’re cruelly reminded “System Purge has Commenced.” Zane can’t stop it but he can track it. They need to find Holly to plan an escape route for her.

Jo tries to convince Shaw to stop the purge.

Henry and Fargo think they can build a memory lattice if they can find her. Holly found! Zane gets her into the corrosive compounds lab but the red nodes are gaining. The only place the D.O.D. haven’t put the nods are the observatory. Jack races the purge to get to the control panel while Henry fanatically builds the lattice. The only safe place is in the big laser pointer.

Jo disobeys orders and pulls the plug, literally, on the PANUP computer. All of the nodes go dark. It’s safe for Holly to go back to the neuro-lab but she’s trapped! Holly’s surge into the laser messed it up real good. It’s about to go critical. She writes “RUN” on the wall for Jack. Best heed those letters Jack. Fargo arrives with the lattice. The laser blows! Did she make it into the lattice?!?! Oh dear the lattice doesn’t look good. You killed Holly! Again! You bastards!

Zane tries to be honest all at once at the wrong time by telling Jo she looks better with her hair down and her chili sucks. He’s also found fully documented forensics from the GD mainframe proving that the nodes caused the laser to explode. (Go master hacker!)

Fargo begins to clean his office. Zane tries awkwardly to console him. It’s really hitting Fargo hard this time.

Henry needs Jack’s help again so off they run.

At Jack’s bunker home – Henry rebuilt the memory lattice!! He plugs it into SARAH. HOLLY is alive! The bunker is getting REALLY crowded now!

I’m so happy for Fargo! It seems this whole season has been helping fans cope with the inevitable series finale. Is this a foreshadowing of hope? Do we need to be the hard-nosed Jo and accept that it’s going to end for good or should we have hope like Fargo?

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