Welcome back my darling Faenatics! Last week – Bo helped a little old lady Mongolian death worm cross the street to the Light Fae side (Go Bo!) while Dyson was reunited with Kiara (boooo Dyson).

Here there be SPOILERS….

This week we open with prom horror tales at the succu-mansion. EEK! Bo, Kenzi, and Lauren are chopping on pizza and taking a trip down memory lane. (Um yaa. Lauren is still hiding from the Ash at Bo’s. I’m really surprised. You’d think that would be the first place he’d look for her.) Kenzi looks like she’s totally going to hurl from all the drunk prom date tales and tossed corsages… or is it from all the flirting. Whatever it is, it makes her bail.

Cut to a graffiti tagger cranking out a masterpiece in an alley. A cranky old man whips a giant scorpion’s tail out of his butt and cracks the kid’s knuckles. “You better have a damn good reason why you’re painting my friend on this wall.” The kid pulls out a shotgun to finish off the masterpiece with a heavy splatter of red. Wow that painting sure does look a LOT like Vex.

Back the succu-mansion – Kenzi’s getting a wee bit tense with the whole harboring a fugitive gig.

Speaking of Vex – there he is, lounging in the Morrigan’s office like he owns the place. Vex is a little vexed that one of the Morrigan’s humans painted a pic of him killing the vampire – a job, he points out, that he did for her. He’s also peeved that one of his best buds, the scorpion guy, was killed in the process. So he’d appreciate it if she would find the human so he can get even. The Morrigan is not one to be ordered about but she is interested to find out how Jason learned about the vampire job so she’ll look into it.

The best way to find something is to hire a private detective. Who’s the best Fae PI in town these days? That would be Bo. So the Morrigan has her assistant Bianca fetch her. Bianca shows just how persuasive she can be when an artist won’t sign a contract for the Morrigan. It seems she’s got a bit of the same mojo as Bo. Actually she’s a sinyata, not a succubus. It’s an Italian Fae that can control a human’s inner motivations. But back to business – the Morrigan needs Bo to track down Jason, the artist. She thinks there’s a leak in her group (a leak in the Dark Fae? Shocker!!) so the only one she can trust with this job is Bo. But Bo’s not going to track him down just so the Dark can get their jollies killing him. The Morrigan pulls out the big guns and drops a heart grenade – BOOM, she loves him. She swears she couldn’t bare to see him hurt. (Bo darlin’ are you really buying into this? The Morrigan lies!)

Trick warns against taking this job from the Morrigan. First, she’s Dark Fae. Second, She’s a dark muse. She sucks the very artistic essence out of her victims leaving them mad. Jason is probably so far gone that he’s totally unpredictable and very dangerous. Does Bo head his warning? Na. She and Kenzi go to the alley to have a look at the painting. Regrettably it’s been covered. Fortunately Kenzi knows the “massive tool” that painted the other tags on the wall. All the while Vex was watching them from a hidey spot.

The only info Tryst can give them is that Jason moved up to the big time. He started painting legit for a hot chick uptown. But then he started to go a little trippy. He painted a pig in a uniform on the side of a paddy wagon while the cops were still inside.

Bo and Kenzi catch a break on the case when Tryst calls with some real news. He spotted Jason but got the butt end of a shotgun slammed into his nose when he tried to talk to him. Tryst was able to give the girls and address though so at least that’s a start.

That same shotgun gets unloaded on the gals when they finally find Jason. But who’s the hero this time? Vex! Well he’s not really trying to save the girls but he does in a weird karma way. He’s in fact trying to mezmer Jason into pulling a Kurt Cobain. So then Bo’s gotta save Jason. And then Kenzi’s gotta save Bo. And round and round we go until Vex cries “Let’s have a drink. First round’s on me.” Curiouser and Curiouser. One last bit of business before they leave the alley – see what Jason was painting. Surprise! It’s the Morrigan raising a knife over her head in a pretty threatening pose.

Vex strikes a deal with Bo to bring Jason to him to have a little chat before she takes him to the Morrigan. He thinks she’s afraid of him and is setting him up. According to him the Dark Fae Elders like him better than the Morrigan so this scares the knickers off the old gal. He promises he won’t kill him.

Kenzi heads back to the succu-mansion where she drops the kid gloves to sucker punch Lauren right in the heart. “Let’s cut the crap. I know you did a really nice thing helping Bo against her mom but you also spy banged her for the Ash and broke her heart.” (GO KENZI!!) And things only get better when the Ashole comes banging on the door. (Condescending creep!) Lauren skitters into hiding until the henchmen raise Kenzi off the floor by her cute little neck. She’s not going to let them hurt Kenzi even though Kenz just threatened to smash her head in. Score one for Lauren. She threatens to tell the Light Fae Elders if he doesn’t stop. (Really? I mean really?! That’s all you’ve got? I’m gonna go tell mooooom on you! Sigh) The threat scores her 24 hours of freedom. If she’s late he’ll pull the plug on her special research. What might that be? Whatever it is it scares Lauren silly.

With all that’s going on at home with Lauren and the Ash Bo decides to quit the job from the Morrigan. She can’t stand the crappy Dark Fae politics anyway. Morrigan and Vex can duke it out. The Morrigan accepts her resignation but has a counter offer – she will give Bo the key to Lauren’s freedom. There’s nothing more tempting that that! Well except for getting Dyson’s love back but this is a very VERY close second.

We get a sweet bit of Dark Fae scoop as Bianca walks Bo out of the offices. The Morrigan’s name is Evony Fleurette Marquise. (This is going to be important someday isn’t it?)

Bo goes back to the succu-mansion to share her good news with Lauren. If she finds Jason she may be able to free Lauren after all! ZOMG! And a big giant SQUEE! They kiss! Again! Except this time it’s all squishy and real! There’s now Ash forcing Lauren. And Bo swears it has nothing to do with getting over Dyson. Holy WOW! We haven’t a hot bedroom scene like this in a while! And wow wow it’s HOT!

In the morning we get the most ADORABLE “toothpaste?” “Footlocker.” Scene repeat from first season when Kenzi walks in on Dyson in the bathroom; this time it’s Lauren. (I really love Kenzi’s reaction to both of these scenes and how immensely different yet similar they are!)

At the Dal – Hale sirens away Kenzi’s two bottles of wine hang over. After some tense Dyson/Kiara talk Bo hits him up for some police advice. He suggests she talks to the “Eye”, a Fae that can “see” things even if he shouldn’t. Hales hooks up the meeting. The gals find the geekiest of one eyed geeks sitting at a table with a couple laptops. He agrees to help and gets to work finding Jason. (Ok here lies THE best FX I’ve seen in this show! The guy’s one good eye grows HUGE! It’s crazy creepy cool!) Bingo! He finds Jason. His payment? He asks for the sweetest little thing – a small kiss from Kenzi. AAAAWWWW “I can’t! He smells like old man!” (Did Bo just say “nut up sister”? LOL!) Kenzi plants the fastest kiss I’ve ever seen! The Eye seems satisfied with that and gives them the address. Job well done ladies!

Bo and Kenzi finally find Jason but he’s spouting nonsense about beginnings, middles, and ends then he falls into convulsions. (Interesting that our heroes just stand there and stare at the poor man.)

Bo gets Jason up and walking and delivers him to the Morrigan. And Surprise Bo! The Morrigan totally lied about loving Jason. Shocker! She gives Bo the key to saving Nadia anyway. Wait! Nadia? In order to save Lauren she first needs to save Nadia. Who the hell is Nadia?! (Holy Frak!) Nadia is Lauren’s girlfriend. (I know what Bo’s thinking – not again! Lauren suckered her again!)

Bo doesn’t get to cuss out Lauren though – she’s not at the succu-mansion. Kenzi figured out a pattern to the paintings – they all fit together. Somebody is being a puppet master (other than Vex) to get the Morrigan to kill Vex.

At the Morrigan’s office – the puppet master is revealed. Bianca convinces a dominatrix that’s close to Vex to kill him. She even gives her the long knife to do it with; the same knife as the painting. The Dom begins work on Vex at their regularly scheduled play date. Once she has him locked up she pulls the real toy. Bo and Kenzi to the rescue! “Ok lady step away from the pervert!” Kenzi’s able to get Vex unlocked just in time for him to save Bo.

Bo and Vex drop the bomb on Bianca in the Morrigan’s office. Instead of fighting and to avoid the Morrigan’s wrath Bianca pulls a seppuku and rams that knife into her own gut. The Morrigan and Vex kiss and make up. (I absolutely love the evil of these two!)

Bo shows Kenzi the box wrapped in a pretty red bow and tells her about the girlfriend. Le sigh. Poor Bo. Out of the blue, Kenzi suggests Bo give her a chance to explain. (WHAT?! She’s stabbed Bo in the back TWICE! No way!)

Cut to the Light Fae labs – Lauren’s talking to a comatose girl in a bubble. She’s gushing about Bo and how sweet and loving she is. (gack)

Ok Ok Ok! It’s kind of sweet but no not really. This woman has led Bo on for a season and a half! She’s slept with Bo twice! Both times she’s given Bo hope that the two of them could be together! But instead she’s been a floozy Lucy and pulled the ball away from Bo! I just can’t sympathize with her. She messed up bad in my book.

Stay Fae y’all!

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