Now in the third week of its release Marvel’s ‘The Avengers’ is still reigning supreme at the box office. Meanwhile, nearly every other movie (new releases and old) are struggling, giving US theaters a bad week and a -12% drop from this same time last year.

‘The Avengers’ raked in $55 million for this past weekend, bringing its total so far up to $450 million making it the #6 highest-grossing film of all time globally and the #10 film in the US. Of course, as the dollars continue to roll in, expect the Avengers to move on up that chart.

The Peter Berg directed ‘Battleship’ didn’t fare so well, coming in a very distant second place with only $25.3 million. Of course, the bad performance of ‘Battleship’ is negated by the $230 million international haul that it’s already brought in. So, even if US audiences are ignoring it, don’t be surprised if there’s a lower-budgeted sequel somewhere down the road.

The Sasha Baron Cohen spoof flick ‘The Dictator’ opened in third place, bringing in $17 million but word is that the film is doing well overseas and, since it only cost around $65 million to make, there’s not much doubt that it’ll break even.

Rounding out the top five at the box office are Tim Burton and Johnny Depp’s ‘Dark Shadows’ bringing in only $12.5 million in its second week out and the atrocious looking comedy ‘What to Expect When You’re Expecting’ with $10.3 million.

So the consensus seems to be that everyone should go see ‘The Avengers’ multiple times and avoid any movie with Taylor Kitsch as its star.