It’s the episode we’ve waited weeks for…the season finale of ‘Grimm!’  No preliminary intro this time. Let’s just get straight to the recap!


Hank continues to have nightmares after seeing Monroe’s Blutbad side and has begun sleeping with his gun next to him. Nick confides in Monroe about his concerns regarding his partner and Monroe tries to explain that Hank has got to be freaked out as his brain is trying to process what he saw. Nick flashes back to the first time he saw a Wesen and remembers feeling as though he were losing his mind. But it’s worse for Hank, Nick tells Monroe, since he saw Dr. Brinkenhoff change from Wesen to human. Monroe tires to alleviate Nick’s fears and tells him that Hank may be able to come to terms with what he saw…in a couple or three years. While they are talking, a man in a car is taking pictures of Nick.

Nick continues to delve into the death of his parents and tries to find more information about the third person who was involved named Akira Kimora. Interpol has tied him to the death of a coin collector in Hamburg who sold the three gold coins that got a local coin dealer killed. (If you recall, those coins were the coins of Zakythnos and had the power to charismatically influence its owners. Grimms were historically the keeper of the coins as they seem to not be influenced by them). Kimora is also noted to have a tattoo on his temple called an aegishjalmr, Helm of Awe, which is a magical symbol of invincibility used by early Vikings. Apparently, Kimora was last seen in Lisbon 14 months ago. But apparently he’s now in Portland at the request of the man who was taking photos of Nick when he was with Monroe earlier that day.

The man is a private investigator that Kimora hired to find Marquesa (the guy who attempted to steal the three coins) who in turn could lead him to his real desire – the gold coins of Zakythnos. The investigator gives him a run down on Nick, Hank, Monroe and Captain Renard and tells Kimora that one of them either has the coins or knows where they are. The private investigator tries to strike a deal but Kimora feels he can go at it alone and decides to take care of the investigator Wesen style. Later, a woman in black breaks into the investigator’s room and finds him dead.

We haven’t seen the last of Adelind as she is still up to her old tricks. She opens a vial that was in a box marked Phialas Irae and pours it into the milk bowl of her cat. She takes her fat cat to Juliette stating that she is sick. While examining the cat, it scratches Juliette much to Adelind’s secret delight.

Hank and Nick arrive at the hotel where the private investigator (named Nathaniel Adams) was killed. Sgt. Wu goes over the findings (yeah, you know the drill). The detectives find Adam’s camera and realize that he has been taking photos of the detectives. After uploading the pics onto his computer back at the precinct, Nick scrolls down and sees that the photos include ones of him and Monroe.

Captain Renard comes home to find his place ransacked. As he goes room to room he finds the body of his housekeeper in his kitchen which he recognizes. Just before he can do anything else, Kimora, who is in Wesen form, attacks Renard. As he regains consciousness after being knocked out, Renard sees Kimora asking him where the coins are. Renard tells him they were taken from him but Kimora is intent on getting the information out of him. Just as he is about to torture Renard some more, Sgt. Wu is at the door. He realizes something is wrong when Renard doesn’t answer.

Wu calls Nick and Hank who arrive at Renard’s apartment building about the same time the woman in black is there. She sees the detectives and decides to hide from them. When the three get to Renard’s apartment, they find him unconscious on the floor.

When Renard comes to, he tells Nick that Kimora was after the coins. Nick begins to fill Renard in on what they know about Akira. He is part of a secret ancient organization called The Dragon’s Tongue which originally had ties to the Imperial Army and now has ties to the Yakuza. Renard wants him found!

Now that Nick knows this case is connected to the coins, he visits Monroe and lets him know that Kimora has pictures of them and warns him to be careful. He also confides that he may be the last link in finding out what really happened to his parents.

Back in Aunt Marie’s trailer, Nick and Monroe look for a way to go up against Kimora. Monroe finds a passage which describes how a Wesen was subdued by a potion laced crossbow arrow. Nick thinks this may be a way to get Kimora to answer his questions.

Nick returns to his home and notices that Juliette has a bandage on her hand. She tells him that Adelind’s cat scratched her and he instantly becomes concerned. He rips the bandage off and examines the area. He tells Juliette that she needs to see a doctor right away but she refuses not understanding why he is acting so crazy. Nick decides to come clean and takes her to Aunt Marie’s trailer. Inside, he finally tells her he’s a Grimm!

As he tries to explain what a Grimm is, what Wesens are and the weapons contained in the trailer, Juliette begins to look at him as though he has completely lost his mind. She can’t take it anymore and leaves the trailer. She begs Nick to get professional help but in a last ditch effort to convince her, he takes her to Monroe. Nick begs Monroe to change into a Blutbad in front of Juliette to prove that he isn’t crazy. But just before she can see him change, she loses consciousness.

Back at Kimora’s motel room, the woman in black breaks in and begins to search his room. As she does, she sees the photos and picks up one of Nick. As she is leaving the area, Sgt. Wu and another officer arrive and see her leave. As they try to stop her, she begins to fight them showing off her great martial arts skills. Back up arrives, but not before she shows them more of her ninja skills and gets away.

Juliette is taken to the hospital and Monroe tells Nick they need to get a hold of Adelind’s cat (who just happened to be at the vet clinic for observation) in order to help her. They take the cat to Rosalee who will try to find an antidote.

Hank returns home and sees his house has also been ransacked. Between seeing a Blutbad and with what happened to Renard, Hank is very much on edge. He doesn’t notice the woman in black who sneaks by behind him

Meanwhile, Nick is furious and heads to Adelind’s apartment but finds it empty. As he’s there, Hank calls to let him know that his home was broken into and warns Nick that his might be next. After he hangs up the phone, Nick spots the bowl of milk the cat drank out of. There’s hope for Juliette yet!

At Nick’s home, Kimora breaks in intent on getting those coins. Nick rushes into his house with the crossbow in hand, he finds Kimora still there. A fight ensues and Kimora realizes that Nick is a Grimm. As they are fighting, the woman in black appears inside the house. Nick goes after her too but her ninja skills are too good as she is able to dodge his blows and throw him aside. She goes after Kimora and ultimately kills him. Nick pulls his gun out and aims it at her but she turns around and says, “Nicky, it’s me!” Nick, shocked, realizes the ninja woman in black IS HIS MOM!!!!

And that’s where the episode ends! Can we get a resounding “WHAT?”

While most finales try to tie up storylines from the past season, ‘Grimm’ seemed to be more of a set up for the next. No answers as to who is intent on getting the gold coins, no explanations of the involvement of the Seven Royal Families, no clarification as to who Captain Renard really is was touched upon. We are left to speculate over the summer the first season’s events.

I do like the tie in to this week’s Grimm tale called ‘Little Briar Rose’ which us Disney-fed folks know as ‘Sleeping Beauty.’ How apropos considering the ending, don’t you think? Juliette was scratched and fell into a deep sleep…er…coma. Will a kiss awaken the beauty? And how much will she remember when she does wake up?

What was nice to see was the progression of Grimm skills that we have yet to see Nick obtain. With his mother all ninja-fied and Nick coming into his own with his fighting skills, next season may be showing more action with Nick being more of a kick ass Grimm, don’t you think? Well, hopefully some of these questions will be answered when the series returns in the late summer.

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